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Top wellness trends for 2018, according to Pinterest

The Christmas festivities are nearly over. Meaning the acceptable nature of drinking prosecco at 2pm and digging into a box of celebrations on a school night (just one more I swear) is nearly over. But before we start our ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra and sign up to every gym class on the timetable, we’ve rounded up the top wellness trends that are set to be the next big thing in 2018. Predicted by Pinterest, the image sharing site has revealed what’s set to be hot in the new year, collating data from shared and saved pins.

Healthy Hair Care

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Hair care is the wellness trend to watch in 2018, with pinners searches for ‘healthy hair tips’ +219%. Pinterest predicts that homemade formulas and ‘co-washing’ (meaning to wash your hair with conditioner) will be hot in 2018.

Vitamin C in Your Skincare Routine

We’re always looking for new expert ways to reboot our skincare routine. Whilst we’ve been using Vitamin C in our skincare routine for a long time (due to its anti-ageing properties and texture boosting benefits), it now seems that the rest of the world has caught on. Searches for Vitamin C on Pinterest are +3379% – meaning it’s set to be big in 2018.

We better stock up on our favourite products. Check out some of our favourites below:

Tai Chi

Well, it wouldn’t be a New Year without a new exercise craze. You probably didn’t see this one coming but if Pintrest is anything to go by the Tai Chi is set to be big in 2018.

Pin saves for the exercise are +189%, which may have something to do with the fact that it can reduce stress, relieve pain and create harmony with your body and mind.

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Self-Care Holidays

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Saves for ‘Self-Care’ have rocketed by 537%, meaning taking a well deserve break to look after our body and mind are on the up.

Air Purifying

If you live in a city centre, you’re probably aware that the air isn’t as fresh as that in the countryside. This year, searches for ‘air purifier’ and ‘air purifying plants’ are +270%. Did you know adding a plant to your desk can reduce fatigue, relieve stress and accelerate the process of carbon dioxide turning into oxygen.

It turns out that the smog of the city isn’t great on the skin either. But we’ve got some other solutions to help you tackle that:

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