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In the Spotlight: Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream

Summer make-up can be a tricky skill to master. It’s hot days are long. and layering on product after product just doesn’t feel right. Not to mention sensitive, puffy eyes brought on by hay fever. Luckily for us this summer, we needn’t forgo our concealer in exchange for comfort! British brand Balance Me, Co-founded by sisters Clare and Rebecca Hopkins launched Tinted Wonder Eye Cream earlier this year, following the success of the brands best selling Wonder Eye Cream and BB Natural Perfection SPF25, Tinted Wonder Eye Cream combines the dual benefits of an anti-ageing eye cream and a brightening tint.

“Our Light-reflecting, brightening and soothing eye care treatment is designed for universal skin tones” says Rebecca Hopkins – Co-founder of the brand. It’s the perfect daily eye cream for those that want a lighter texture but with all the benefits of a protecting and soothing eye cream.

This light, versatile eye cream will be a saving grace this season for anyone suffering irritated puffy eyes. The delicious blend of Cucumber Seed Oil gently cools and calms the delicate skin around the eye, soothing any puffiness and reducing redness -instantly making your eyes feel wide-awake. A true multi-purpose product, the universal shade contains brightening ingredients, naturally blending away any dark circles. The eye cream has all been formulated with two key ingredients – Artic Cloudberry (rich in Vitamin E) and Hyaluronic Acid, which holds more than 1000 times its weight in water and helps to plump and firm the skin.

Application Advice: Use it each morning, dabbing a little under the eye area and blending out towards the corner of the eye. Use as a primer before eye shadow to comfortably hold make-up in place all day.

Balance Me recommends using an eye cream each and every day as ‘skin is thinner around the eye and in most people this area is dehydrated. Using an eye cream each day will help maintain hydration and smooth skin’. Say hello to bright eyes!


Kerry Courtney

Kerry Courtney

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