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The Lancer Method

We’re big believers in using quality products to get the very best results for your skin. We’re all aware that a consistent skin care regime has a whole host of benefits, but are you aware that following a “less is more” approach could be far more beneficial than loading your skin with too many products? Using too many products may not only be unnecessary but it might cause irritation. So, if your skin has become sensitive, red, or flaky, then chance are, you’re overdoing it.

The Lancer Method

Dr Lancer, Dermatologist to the stars, is here to help! His ground-breaking 3-step method approach involves no radical or multiple procedures when treating your skin. Reversing the usual order of skin care, the Lancer Method begins with exfoliating, followed by cleansing and finishing with nourishing the skin. The polish, cleanse and nourish trio are the go to for many celebrities – think the Beckham’s, Jenifer Lopez and even Oprah! His Rodeo Drive clinic in LA is a hot spot for spotting many famous faces. Let us talk you through the Method approach in a little more detail…

Step 1: Polish

The Lancer Method begins with the Polish – a gentle resurfacing treatment that’s been formulated to to improve skin tone and texture. The formulation makes this product extra special, with a gorgeous combination of pure minerals, magnesium oxide and sodium bio carbonate crystals. Combat dullness, remove the build-up of debris, and stimulate cell renewal with this little beauty. Skin will be refreshed and you’ll be left with the most amazing youthful-looking complexion!

Step 2: Cleanse

Following on from your Polish, the Method Cleanser will eliminate debris and daily impurities, adjusting your skin to the correct pH required to fully absorb the Nourish. Containing a beautiful blend of rice amino acid complex. moisture rich hydrators and skin soothing agents, this gentle light-foaming cleanser is essential when it comes to preparing your skin for further treatments.

Step 3: Nourish

Once you’ve polished and cleansed your skin, it’s time to experience the ultimate hydration. The Method Nourish is a potent-rich anti-ageing treatment that helps to retain moisture, as well as boosting the skin’s oxygen levels.  The secret lies in its formula – containing beneficial peptides that reduce wrinkle depth, improve cell function and leave your skin feeling super smooth & healthy! Skin will be instantly nourished, and you’ll be left with the signature Lancer glow!

Kerry Courtney

Kerry Courtney

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