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May Lindstrom: The skincare brand you need on your radar

Loved by the editorial big shots at the likes of Vogue and The New York Times, when a brand gets this much attraction in the world’s media, we take note. Here’s everything you need to know about cult skincare brand, May Lindstrom.

May Lindstrom

Who is May Lindstrom?

A model, makeup artist and all round skincare guru, May Lindstrom is a beauty alchemist who aims to bring a ‘state of relaxation and calm’ to all of her beauty products. Known as the skin chef, she began formulating her products right from the comfort of her own kitchen. Dubbed the ‘organic goddess’ by many, each of her products are packed with botanical extracts and natural ingredients that calm, detoxify and nourish the skin.

I am on a quest to inspire loving self-care rituals, reveal radiant skin and ignite recognition of individual beauty – May Lindstrom

Who’s it for?

May Lindstrom

Packed with rich, decadent ingredients May has a natural skincare solution for a plethora of problems. From nourishing masques for tired, dried-out skin to products solutions to tackle aggravated skin, May Lindstrom has a product for every skin type.

What are the hero products?

The standout products include the May Lindstrom Problem Solver, The May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm and the May Lindstrom The Honey Mud. Read on to find out more…

May Lindstrom The Problem Solver

Infused with soil ingredients, salts and exotic spices, The Problem Solver is a corrective masque that works to vastly improve skin tone and texture. The masque comes in powder form which transforms into a soft, rich mouse when mixed with water.

The results: Cleaner, radiant skin that will have everyone asking what your secret is.

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm

Providing instant relief for the most troubled skin, The Blue Cocoon is a mystical balm that transforms into a silky potion upon application. Formulated with blue tansy and camellia oils, the lightweight formula nourishes the skin whilst providing long-lasting relief. Like a gourmet meal for the skin, it’s enchanting texture greets the skin with a cool serenity whilst the blue tansy helps to relive feelings of emotional anxiety.

The results: A calm, clear complexion and a tranquil mind.

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud Cleanse and Masque

An decadent union of raw honey, white halloysite and aromatic pure plant oils, this masque is the crème de le crème of cleansing masques. To use as a daily cleanser, massage a pea size amount into warm, damp skin in a circular upward motion before rinsing clear with water. To use as a masque, smooth over the skin and leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing.

The results: A clean, calm, even complexion that is breathtakingly soft.



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