Talking Heads | Balance For Better

Three inspirational women. Three successful businesses. One important concept. 


In recognition of International Women’s Day on 8th March, Beauty Expert are championing the trailblazers in the beauty industry, the real role models. These Talking Heads are truly paving the way for the next generation of success stories.

This year’s campaign theme is #BalanceForBetter, an inspirational tagline that prompts the conversation of gender equality and a more balanced way of living.


Anita Kaushal, founder of Mauli Rituals 

Sonia Deasy, co-founder of Pestle & Mortar

Francessca Elliot, Head of Beauty Expert

Anita Kaushal - founder of Mauli Rituals

"I would tell my younger self that you are enough, don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t forget how bloody marvellous you are."

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Sonia Deasy - co -founder of Pestle & Mortar

"I love everything about being a woman. We are strong, we are soft. Being a woman is an asset."  

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Francessca Elliott - Head of Beauty Expert

"The biggest thing I’ve learnt from the inspirational women around me is to always believe in yourself and to keep going."

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