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In the Spotlight: Shiseido

Offering the highest quality in luxury beauty, Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the game. Delivering innovative technology and ingredients for a plethora of skin concerns, the company have been improving the skincare of women all over the world for 140 years.

The Shiseido History

Originating in Tokyo, the forward-thinking brand launched the country’s first ever western-style pharmacy back in 1872. Founded by chief pharmacist, Arinobu Fukuhara, whose motivation for the brand came from his displeasure with the medicine available on the market at the time. At just 23-years-old his ethos was “to take everything and anything good in this world and use it to create new things.”

Fukuhara Sanitary Toothpaste

Invented by Shiseido: Fukuhara Sanitary Toothpaste

Forever at the forefront of the cosmetic industry, in 1988, the brand created and launched Japan’s first ever toothpaste. Before the invention, toothpaste in the country came in a powder form, which damaged teeth due to its rough grains, whereas Shiseido’s invention had a smooth texture that was scientifically proven to dissolve tartar and bad breath! And the brand has remained at the forefront of the cosmetic industry ever since.

“Take everything and anything good in this world and use it to create new things.” – Shiseido

The Shiseido Philosophy


Shisiedo, Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Serum

Shiseido believe that beauty is more than skin deep. The brand’s website advocates that “beauty is not an image, it’s a feeling and when it is shared, we imagine a world that is, quite simply put, better.” This sensual philosophy is a message which is echoed throughout all of the brands products, as they aim to target the skin’s cells as well as shielding it from ageing, environmental aggressors and emotional stress. Providing an ‘all round’ package which aims to please each individual sense.

The Favourites:

Offering the highest quality of ingredients from anti-ageing, brightening, skincare and make up, the Japanese brand has all your skin and cosmetic needs at your fingertips.

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

What’s in it? Formulated with Bulgarian Rose Water, Aqua in Pool and Yeast, the product’s unique Ultimune Complex system works to protect and strengthen the skin against day to day damage and signs of aging. Whilst the powerful botanical blend of Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Shiso and Thyme works to maintain a healthy skin surface.

When to use:  Apply two pumps twice a day, both morning and evening, after cleansing and before moisturising.

SFS LX Total Protective Cream

What’s in it? Formulated with Uji Green Tea and Star Fruit Extract, the exclusive Skingenecell 1P advances provide unprecedented age-defending benefits. One for the lady who requires multifunctional protection, the product works to enhance the power of the skin’s defences whilst shielding it from environmental aggressors.

When to use: Apply every morning under your makeup as part of your daily beauty regime.

Sheer and Perfect Foundation

It’s not just skincare that Shiseido create innovative, forward-thinking products in. The brand has also created this fantastic sheer and perfect foundation.

What’s in it: Formulated with 3 types of optical powder complex that work hard to cancel out the appearance of redness and blemishes – a must-have for those wanting to create a sheer, dewy look which exudes natural beauty. The Green Powder works to cancel out redness and blemishes; the Blue Powder cancels dark spots and circles whilst the White Powder cancels visible pores.

The lightweight formula is easy to apply, blends well in to the skin and provides a silky-smooth finish without shine or stickiness.

When to use: Apply every day for a sheer, dewy makeup finish without shine or stickiness. The oil-free foundation can be worn all day and night providing long-lasting hydration – perfect for taking you straight from the office to those after work drinks.

Expert tip: Apply the foundation with the brand’s perfect foundation brush. Made from traditional Japanese brush-making techniques the staple has been given a 5 star review from Beauty Expert customers.

A Beauty Expert reviewer wrote: “this brush helps me to use my foundation and it helps my face to look natural. The foundation is perfect on my face and it lasts longer.”

Ibuki Sleeping Mask

What’s in it? Fortified with PhytoTarget Complex to reinforce the skin’s natural moisture barrier, the product’s Vitamin C and E elements works tirelessly to enhance luminosity. A non-greasy, gel formula, its Phytoplankton ingredient both energises and plumps the face. It’s the perfect overnight answer to hydrated, rested skin that has a smooth, velvety texture.

When to use:  Spread the mask onto the face before bed and leave on while you sleep.




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