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Create The Perfect Brows With High Definition

The perfect eyebrow has become one of the biggest beauty obsessions of the decade. Whether you favour a super defined look or like to leave things au natural à la Cara, nothing frames the face like a well-tended brow. In light of the eyebrow revolution, we’ve teamed up with brow experts High Definition to bring you an essential guide for creating well-groomed brows. With an accolade of awards from editorial big shots such as Vogue and The Independent, the brand has firmly established themselves as one of the most prestigious brands in the brow business.

Vogue Williams

Fashion model, Vogue Williams, is a fan of the High Definition Eye & Brow Palette

The brand’s Eye & Brow Palette comes in three skin tone shades, each consisting of a highlighting shade, two brow shades and a setting wax to keep everything firmly in place. In homage to Beauty Expert’s upcoming 10th birthday, High Definition has curated six steps you need to create the perfect birthday-worthy brow.


Left; before using the High Definition Eye&Brown Palette. Right; after using the palette

Step 1

First of all, you’ll need to pick your shade… The High Definition Eye&Brow Palette is available in Bombshell (perfect for fair hair and skin tones), Foxy (for medium hair and skin tones) and Vamp (for darker hair and skin tones). Once you’ve chosen your brow weapon of choice, you’re ready to define.

Step 2

Using the brow shade that best matches your brows, outline the upper and lower line of your brow using the Fine Angled Brow Brush (included in the palette) to give yourself an idea of the fullness you want to create –  at High Definition we refer to this as creating ‘the brow skeleton.’

Step 3

Next it’s time to fill in the brow. Remember, it’s not about an overly made up brow, we still want to see the hair that’s there. Gently brush the brow powder through the entire brow to give to add depth and definition to the brow, but leave the fronts make up free as we don’t want to create square-looking brows!

Step 4

To blend the front of the brow with the rest, using the Fine Angled Brow Brush, add a few hair strokes to create the look of naturally full brows.

Step 5

Using your fingers, gently brush on the Brow Wax in the direction of hair growth to keep your brows in place all day long!

Step 6

Apply the highlighting shade right under the brow makeup to give your brow added lift.




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