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The FOREO UFO has landed

Discover the FOREO UFO Sheet Mask Device | Beauty Expert

Discover the FOREO UFO

If you’re a beauty fan and love the latest innovations, you’ll love the FOREO UFO. Described as a smart mask treatment device, this intelligent pod delivers a spa-worthy facial treatment in only 90 seconds. UFO stands for ‘Ur Future Obsession’ and it’s easy to imagine how such an industry-leading product has gained such a strong cult following.

What is the FOREO UFO?

The FOREO UFO is a facial treatment device that uses LED and sonic technology to provide the ultimate sheet mask with added benefits. The smart technologies allow more effective absorption of ingredients and a face mask experience that can only be described as ‘next level’. You can skip the spa, FOREO UFO are giving you the tools to create a facial at home and in only 90 seconds.

How does the FOREO UFO work?

The T-sonic pulsations, LED light technology and Heat therapy function work in harmony together to provide multiple skincare benefits. The device heats up and cools down according to the three stages in the 90 second facial, each serving a specific function. The red stage of the mask is anti-ageing and collagen-boosting, the blue stage helps to banish bacteria, and the green stage brightens the complexion.

How do I use the FOREO UFO?

Currently there are two masks available, Make My Day and Call it a Night, which can be purchased separately. Make My Day contains Hyaluronic Acid and Red Algae, whilst Call it a Night is infused with Ginseng and Olive Oil. The FOREO UFO device contains one of each for you to trial with your new device, and there will be new masks joining the collection very soon.

  1. To use the FOREO UFO, connect the device to the FOREO app and register an account.
  2. Next, decide the sheet mask you wish to use and scan the mask’s barcode into the app.
  3. After scanning the barcode, remove the sheet mask from its packaging and secure on the device. Once you select your chosen treatment on the app, a short countdown will begin and the mask will prepare to start.
  4.  Powered by Heat therapy to encourage absorption of ingredients, and Crytherapy to lift and firm, the mask gets to work. Gently move the device around your face for the full 90 seconds until it comes to a stop. After 90 seconds, skin is left feeling plumped, replenished with moisture and instantly more radiant. Remove any excess serum on the UFO with water.
  5. To charge the device, attach the USB charging cable provided.

The FOREO UFO is a quick, waterproof, portable device that brings spa-worthy facials to your own home. We love the UFO, and we can’t wait for the new sheet mask variations to expand our collection.

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