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Black Friday Beauty Deals

With Black Friday finally upon us, the chance to purchase your favourite luxury beauty and skincare products at exclusive prices for both yourselves and your loved ones has unfolded. Here we have revealed some of the indulgent brands with only the very best of our Black Friday Beauty Deals available exclusively at Beauty Expert.


With over 25 years of experience in creating a selection of products to restore levels of hydration, combat ageing and brighten your skin, Jurlique only use the finest quality natural ingredients. Originating in South Australia, this luxury skincare brand combines both nature and science to naturally benefit the skin. Among the premium collection of deluxe products which are available here at Beauty Expert, a brief guide is also provided with information on the products best suited to specific skincare issues. We are offering exclusive Jurlique Black Friday deals today that you will not want to miss!

Eve Lom

Award winning luxurious skincare brand Eve Lom is all about simplicity, effectiveness and beauty. For Black Friday we are offering some of the best Eve Lom offers which are exclusive to Beauty Expert. Our Eve Lom brand page also includes their very own unique seven step process facial technique to ensure your pores are never blocked and puffy and your skin is never tired. Unlike most beauty brands, they don’t have a large range of products because of their belief in simplifying the process of skincare. Due to this; each product is carefully crafted to perfection, creating some of the best beauty products in the world.


Britain’s leading luxury spa and skincare brand Elemis are one of our personal favourites here at Beauty Expert. With their extensive range of skincare products to suit all skin types, there is guaranteed to be a product perfect for you! Ingredients include organic extracts, pure essential oils, skin softening emollients and seaweed extracts proven to boost collagen, leaving your skin youthful, glowing and radiant. We have also provided a guide to educate you in the specialities of each product to ensure you purchase the product best suited to you.


French luxury beauty brand Caudalie has a vast range of creams, elixirs and cleansers to cleanse, nourish and nurture your skin. Vines, grapes, seeds and leaves are used to fight the visible signs of ageing and brighten the skin due to the high concentration of polyphenols and resveratrol. Caudalie beauty products are also versatile, being suitable for use on both skin and hair, the best exclusive Caudalie Black Friday Deals are available here on Beauty Expert.


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Kerry Courtney

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