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5 mistakes you’re making when shaving

As the summer draws nearer, we’re upping our game when it comes to super smooth legs. The time to don the summer dresses and sandals will be here before you know it, that’s why, to get your legs in tip top shape we’ve highlighted 5 shaving mistakes that you probably didn’t even know you were making.

Not using a shaving cream

Would a man shave a beard without shaving cream? Most definitely not. So why do we? Shaving creams are expertly designed to soften the hairs and reduce the amount of force needed to cut the hair. But a good shower gel will do the same job, right? Wrong. Showers gels leave residue on the razor which will actually blunt it more easily.

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Using the same razor for too long

shaving cream

We’re all guilty of it, using the same razor for weeks on end only to end up shaving your legs with a blunt (and sometimes rusty) piece of metal. So, it might come as no surprise that it’s not great for your skin. Speaking to Harper’s Bazar, Dr Anita Sturnham advises that one razor should only be used for 10 uses. Although this depends on a number of factors such as the thickness of your hair or the area in which you are shaving.

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Moisturising with fragrance products

Those of you who have applied fake tan or highly fragranced moisturiser on after shaving, only to feel the sting of your shins will know that this is one is a no go. Chose a fragrance free moisturiser such as this balancing moisturiser from Omorovicza which works to cool and balance the skin, whilst helping to balance and regulate.

Keeping your razor in the shower

Keeping your razor in the shower can increase your chances of bacterial or fungal infection. After shaving, rinse your razor clean and wash away any access hair, pat it dry with a towel and pop in a cool, dry place i.e your bathroom cupboard.

Not exfoliating

You may think you’re exfoliating the skin when shaving. Whilst this is technically true as you’re taking a layer of skin off, not exfoliating before shaving can leave your skin prone to razor bumps and irritation.  Without exfoliation, dead skin cells clog up the razor blade causing irritation to the skin.

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