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How to achieve flawless coverage

No makeup makeup. Easy to say, but not quite so easy to achieve. We’ve collated all the expert advice on the subject to prepare the ultimate guide to flawless coverage and how to make makeup last all day.

Your Guide to Flawless Coverage

It’s the eternal question, and we’ve got the answer: how to make makeup last all day.


As always, it starts with your skin.

If you’re planning to apply makeup after your skincare, be mindful not to use a moisturiser that’s too thick, heavy or oily. Although these skincare products are great, it’s best to leave these to the evening or makeup free days.

To ensure that your makeup has the best base possible, use a serum or essence followed by a lightweight moisturiser or lotion and eye cream.

To really make sure that makeup applies evenly and lasts, we recommend giving yourself a minimum of ten minutes after you’ve applied the last of your skincare to let the products settle and absorb into the skin, leaving the perfect blank canvas for your makeup. While you’re waiting, why not practice mindfulness and take ten minutes to prepare for the day ahead? Or, if something caffeinated is on your agenda first thing, now is the perfect time to make a drink.

Our lightweight skincare favourites

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Not a step to be skipped if you really want your makeup to last all day, primers are your go-to for ensuring your makeup lasts.

Of course, we’d recommend you tailor your primer to suit your skin type as each product differs slightly to suit different needs. Make sure you include a primer, whichever option you select, as they simultaneously create a smooth base on which your makeup may sit and also form a barrier between the skin and the external elements.

To achieve a plump and smooth skin finish, prep first with Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil Primer – it’s safe to use under the eyes also!

Jessica James, Head of Training & Education, Illamasqua

Got a heavy foundation you love, but wish were more sheer? Mix in with your primer to achieve a less heavy effect.

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Of course, the key to concealing areas of your choice is concealer. With different textures and consistencies available there are plenty of options to chose from to suit your needs.

For travelers, we’d recommend a stick or pen concealer as they’re perfect for throwing in a cosmetics bag and don’t necessarily require additional brushes to blend in.

However, for a truly flawless complexion we’d recommend opting for a concealer that’s easily blended with your foundation of choice. For example, a cream concealer will mix well with a foundation of the same consistency, whereas a waxy concealer would sit well beneath a stick foundation. Whether this is a powder concealer in a pan or a creamy consistency, look for the best skintone match.

Blend concealer in using a makeup brush to ensure that your makeup lasts all day. By removing any excess oil from your fingers, you’ll be able to extend the longevity of your overall look.

It’s good to avoid the oil from your fingers if you’re looking for all day coverage

Jessica James, Head of Training & Education, Illamasqua

A concealer for every occasion


Once your concealer is blended, it’s time to even out skintone and create a truly flawless coverage with foundation.

Foundation is, as the name would suggest, the base for most makeup looks, serving as a way of creating a base colour as well as prepping the skin for further product. Like with concealer, we’d recommend applying with a brush to elongate the period in which your foundation will last, however it’s all in the blend to ensure the desired flawless coverage you’re aiming to achieve.

The three main options for your base are liquid, powder and cream foundations, each tailored for your individual needs. As long as you take the steps before (and after!) to ensure your makeup is fully prepped and blended, then all consistencies will ensure a flawless coverage, bespoke to your skin tone and type.

It’s also beneficial to ensure that your makeup brushes are in great condition and cleaned on a regular basis. For extra tips, read our blog post on how to clean makeup brushes.

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Once you’ve blended your foundation fully and created the flawless base you’ve been after, this is the final step in the “how to make your makeup last all day” conundrum.

The two main setting options are powders and spray, although it’s not entirely unheard of to mix the two.

When it comes to setting powder, take a makeup brush and pat the product into skin, rather than drag it across. Your skin will love you for this long term, and it also prevents you from moving the makeup you’ve already expertly applied from its position.

Finish with a light layer of setting spray, making sure not to touch your face while the product is still damp on your skin to make sure it properly sets.

Best of the setting sprays and finishing powders
Flawless coverage: achieved.

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