An Interview with Lisa Marley, founder of The Cocoa Box

Famous for her delicious recipes, we recently caught up with Lisa Marley – founder of The Cocoa Box. Having gained a cooking diploma at the renowned Ashburton cookery school, along with qualifying with a level three diploma in patisserie and confectionary from Westminster Kingsway college, Lisa Marley is certainly an expert in her field. Having taught culinary workshops and classes, Lisa Marley then decided to set up her own successful company – The Cocoa Box Ltd. With a vision to delight and inspire individuals in the kitchen, The Cocoa Box now attracts more than 80,000 people. We wanted to hear more from the lady behind from the brand, including her childhood inspiration, her favourite ways to unwind, and of course, her number one beauty secret. Here’s what we found out…

Q. What motivated you to start your career in cookery?

Even as a child I was obsessed with food. Not actually cooking it but eating it. My mum always had cake in the house as well as a biscuit tin and chocolate jar. It wasn’t until I was older that I stated to look at patisserie and see the beauty in it. Even today I spend hours on Instagram looking at the work people are doing all over the world. Russia has some amazing chefs.

Q. Who is your inspiration or role model?

I grew up watching Keith Floyd. As a child, he made being a TV chef look so much fun. I think he is a legend. I take inspiration from Richard Bertinet, Valentina Harris and Eric Lanard. I was taught by a lady called Chef Jaquie Holland at Westminster Kingsway College. A role model and inspiration.

Q. What is your favourite way to wind down?

I go to a Yoga studio at least once a week. I find for the duration I don’t think, worry, obsess or stress. I’m just in the moment. I always feel amazing after it. I also enjoy Netflix, not exactly healthy but hours of great entertainment.

Q. Talk us through your beauty routine…

I cleanse my skin morning and night. I also use a daily skin peel. I love products and use a serum and moisturiser. I go for regular blue skin peels and I use sun screen. I stay in the shade as I am so fair.

Q. What is your number one beauty secret?

Well maintained eyebrows and semi-permanent lashes.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

It’s hard as I like to look forward as much as possible. However, where do I begin? It would probably be along the lines of  – work harder, don’t be so insecure, travel more, avoid sunbeds. Actually this advice would work now as well.

Try out the gorgeous Daily Dose of Goodness Muffins & Chocolate Truffles in the comfort of your own home by checking out these recipes from Lisa Marley hereself over here

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