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With over 30,000 patients worldwide, among them the most photographed faces in the world—from Michelle Williams to Margot Robbie —Dr. Harold Lancer has become a celebrity in his own right. He developed The Method, a innovative anti-ageing skincare line based on his personal beauty philosophy. Today, he takes over the Beauty Expert Blog to uncover everything you need to know about the Lancer brand…

The History of Dr Lancer

A very early experience with a severe burn steered me toward my life’s work in dermatology. When I was seven years old, I accidently fell into a tub of near-boiling water which burned 10 per cent of my body. I had learned from own experience that skin has the remarkable capacity to mend itself. Watching my own skin recover from injury helped me develop an incredible sense of what makes skin beautiful, and inspired me to specialize in repair and healing. Ever since those days in my doctor’s office, I have been fascinated by skin – how it heals, how it ages, how it differs among people, and how skin care has evolved.

Dr Lancer

Through years of clinical practice and research, I discovered that many of the skincare products on the market weren’t effective in bringing skin back to life. And so, I developed The Lancer Method, which taps into the skin’s natural healing power. The program’s three-step protocol – polish, cleanse and nourish – is specially designed to maintaining your youthful glow or reverse the signs of aging quickly and easily. The Method system is formulated to give you smooth, glowing results whether you have normal, dehydrated, sensitive, or blemish-prone skin.

The Dr Lancer Philosophy

Twenty years ago, I had an epiphany that became the vision for how I practice dermatology today – my focus is on restoration, not alteration. I believe that the secret to beautiful skin has nothing to do with an artfully wielded laser, an injection, or cosmetic surgery. The secret to an extraordinary complexion is your commitment to caring for your skin with my breakthrough three-step method – polish, cleanse, nourish – which enhances the way your skin operates beneath the surface.

Dr Lancer

My philosophy of skin care is neither theoretical nor lab-based. Rather, direct experience in daily patient care for the past three decades has allowed me phenomenal opportunities for observation and creative solutions. My ideas and innovations have evolved from daily interaction with my patients. I have been dedicated to developing effective treatments for the many skin conditions that keep people from feeling and looking their best, and that includes the effects of ageing.

The Favourites

The Method: Polish

The Method: Polish is a skin energizer and the key to the Lancer Method. Polishing allows fresh, radiant skin to shine through. This step changes the physiology of your skin to make it act younger. The results are instantly noticeable.

What’s in it?
The Method: Polish uses an ultra-fine grain of quartz and sodium bicarbonate crystal which have been tumbled to ensure the grains are proportionate and smooth. Its gritty feel is on par with the crystal used in an office setting to perform microdermabrasion.

When to use:  The Method: Polish is the first in the 3-step system. It should be used every night, before cleansing.

Expert Tip: Always exfoliate upward, against gravity. Start with your jawline and move to your hairline. Exfoliate for 60-90 seconds.

Lancer Younger Reveling Mask Intense

I came up with the idea about 5 years ago when someone showed me this magnetic application powder that had nothing to do with skincare. I thought, “Wow, this is a really interesting way to use technology to transmit active ingredients to and from the skin“. The concept of using an iron-oxide powder specifically tuned to a magnetic device, to help deliver an active ingredient, was really interesting to me. I designed the Younger Revealing Mask Intense so that the uniqueness of the mask’s composition and the magnetic force that manages the removal is matched in sequence, offering the ultimate payload in anti-aging benefits.

What’s in it?
The mask contains an ester of retinoic acid to improve surface texture and skin tone, mineral powder and Dimethicone which provides emollience while softening and moisturizing skin.

When to use: Use once weekly or more frequently if desired to remove impurities and deposit long-acting Vitamin derivatives to increase skin cell repair mechanisms.

Expert Tip: Do not rinse. Instead, pat any residual product into the skin. Follow with The Method: Nourish and Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream if desired.

EXCLUSIVE: Lancer Tri-Phase Flash Peel

Dr Lancer

Launching in May this year, the Lancer Tri-Phase Flash Peel is the strongest, most effective peel that can safely be used at home without medical supervision. The peel targets the appearance of wrinkles and pores for a flawless complexion, making skin resurfacing as easy and safe as possible.

What’s in it?

The peel features a trifecta of exfoliating acids – alpha, beta, cyclic – supported by retinoids/retinol. The time-released delivery system helps protect skin from dehydration and irritation.

When to use: Intensive, self-neutralizing peel can be left on up to 1 hour for maximum results. More information needed



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