In 1969, Patrick Ales took his experience as being one of Paris’ legendary hairstylists to create Phyto, the first brand ever to use plants in their haircare. Creating a line of hair care that’s 95% natural with the highest concentration of plant extracts available on the market.

Whilst Ales was practicing hairdressing, he noticed that chemicals were often used when treating women’s hair and this often resulted in the hairdressers hands becoming damaged and sore. Believing that we should ‘live and work in tune with, rather than against, nature’ Phyto was born, using herbal and botanical ingredients for hair care treatments that really work.

If you need any more evidence on the professional status that Patrick Ales has created, prior to  the creation of Phyto, Ales actually invented and patented the modern day blow-dry technique. Creating loose new hairstyles for the likes of Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and even Jacqueline Kennedy.

Here are some of our very own hero products that we adore from the Phyto range on Beauty Expert

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Phyto Keratine Reparative Shampoo 200ml

The keratine reparative shampoo from Phyto is specially formulated for damaged hair, this Shampoo has a hardworking formula that works both deep down and on the surface to improve the look and feel of hair.


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PhytoMist Conditioning Spray 150ml

PhytoMist is a conditioner that restores shine and suppleness to your hair after only one application. Delicately fragrant and pleasant to use, its main ingredient of Lotus flowers help to hold moisture in the hair. To repair the hair of any damage it contains Hydrolysed Keratin. This conditioner instantly detangles knotty hair and preserves the hairs radiant colour.

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 PhytoPhanere hair Supplement 120 capsules

Phytophanere uses a wide range of vitamins to fight against hair loss. The optimum hair supplement formula, these capsules strengthen hair and nails to restore suppleness and elasticity to the epidermis. It uses essential fatty acids extracted from Borage oil to restore density to hair. Ideal for people suffering from:

  • Hair loss
  • Fine, limp or devitalised hair
  • Weak, brittle and split nails




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