CULT51 Instant Effect Serum

When Richard Simmons-Mears was challenged to create a skin care cream that does absolutely everything, he determinedly accepted. Fast forward a year and the miraculous CULT51 Night Cream was born, a formula that is clinically proven to renew, regenerate and restore all skin types. And where did the inspiration come from to produce such a high-performing cream that works so well with the skin? Well, the answer might not be the one that you’d expect…

“I had an epiphany watching (of all things) grand designs… Well when McCloud goes back to see how they got on with their creations, there was this couple that wanted a more sustainable lifestyle, so he built the thing out of wood, grew all his own fuel and his own food. McCloud said ‘I can’t see any greenhouses, where does your food come from in the winter?’ and the guy said ‘rather than forcing nature to do what I want it to do, I’ve learnt to work with nature and harvest what nature provides. Nature wants us to survive it’s just we’ve got too clever and forgotten all the things we used to know.’ And I thought that’s an interesting thing, our skin wants to be good, so I just turned the whole process on its head…”

After launching only 3 months ago, the night cream has already taken the world by storm and has shaken up the skin care industry. It’s already the number 1 seller with British Airways, with even the CEO and his wife using it! Now, after the roaring success of the CULT51 Night Cream, Richard is back with a brand new trick up his sleeve – CULT51 Instant Effect Serum.

CULT51 Instant Effect Serum

This ingenious serum was initially produced just for eyes to banish dark circles, bags and crow’s feet. However, it soon became clear the serum had much more potential than to target solely the eyes, and as such it’s now widely used as a day cream, moisturiser and primer too. And when Richard revealed the high standards that the product has to meet, it’s not hard to imagine why…

“The panel who sign off all new products are my customers, and unless we get a 95% response to the following question we won’t launch – the question is ‘is this the best product you’ve ever touched, used or heard of?’ This got 100%. 95% are still using it as a full day cream, and if you think about it it’s obvious because it’s very smoothing, so you’ve got much more evenness of tone, and its luminous qualities are superior.”

Clinically proven to act within 15 minutes, the serum works with the skin to strengthen blood vessels, reduce the permeability of capillaries, increase micro-circulation, banishe dark circles & puffiness and drastically slow down the aging process. But don’t just take our word for it – after all, a picture speaks a thousand words…

hands close

These pictures were taken just 15 minutes apart after applying the CULT51 Instant Effect Serum to the back of the hand. Lines are visibly reduced, skin is completely smoothed out and the new and improved hand is positively glowing!


Need more convincing? Take a look at some of the figures after 6 weeks of using the serum – you can’t argue with maths!


Average depth of wrinkle reduction – 39%

Average skin firmness improvement – 143%

Average age spot colour intensity reduction – 11%

Average luminosity improvement – 11%

The average luminosity improvement blew us away in particular…

“11% is average here. 9ish you’d get from laser treatment, and our biggest is 17%. [The trail have] never scored a product that highly before.”


The CULT51 Instant Effect Serum can be used by both women and men of any ages with undeniably visible and significant results. The comparisons and figures speak volumes about the quality of the product, and prove that you can trust in the serum to make your skin look and feel completely renewed. Clinically proven to act within 15 minutes, you can not only rely on the serum to change the function of your skin for the long term, but also to provide a quick fix when your skin needs an instant boost.

Pre-order your CULT51 Instant Effect Serum now at with free delivery worldwide. Let us know how CULT51 has changed your skin care routine in the comment section below, on Twitter using @Beauty_Experts or on Instagram using @beautyexpertcom.



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