“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. It’s certainly one of the most well-known wedding traditions, and here at Beauty Expert, it’s a tradition we’d love to celebrate. It’s been said that this traditional saying actually comes from an old English poem, with each item representing a good luck token for the bride; leading to a happy marriage.

Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future, something borrowed symbolises borrowed happiness, while something blue represents love, fidelity and modesty.

For some beauty inspiration, look no further than Beauty Expert. We’ve put a spin on this famous tradition; with a selection of the best products and ideas to help you get creative on your special day.

Starting off the tradition with “Something old”, we bring you the ultimate staple item – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Created more than 70 years ago by Elizabeth Arden herself, this skincare classic was the first ever product to be created and it’s certainly stood the test of time. Initially, it was intended to help calm, protect and hydrate skin for up to 8 hours. But with so many uses, it’s no wonder why so many women rely on this miracle cream to solve almost any skin problem. From rehydrating chapped lips, soothing sun-burned skin, to healing dry skin, it’s the ultimate skin saviour.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

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Perfect for your special day, here are 8 of our favourite uses:

– Dry Skin Saver
This legendary Eight Hour Cream works miracles on dry, red, rough and cracked skin. Protect your skin before the big day by massaging into skin and letting this miracle balm do its magic.
– Cuticle Care
Simply massage into your cuticles to soften and smooth – leaving you with beautifully manicured nails.
– Shine Factor
It’s fab for adding shine to eyelids, lips and legs.
– Eyebrow Tamer
As it’s a wax-like texture, it’s amazing for taming unruly eyebrows and keeping them in place all day long.
– Lip Balm
It’s great for helping to relieve dry, chapped lips. Pop on a small amount to help restore the natural balance of your lips. It’s fab for giving you that glossy look too!
– Spot Treatment
If your skin decides to have a breakout just before the big day, use a touch of the Eight Hour Cream to help soothe the irritation as well as reducing any redness.
– Aftersun
With added Vitamin E, it’s the perfect after-sun soother for relief against sun-burn and for soothing the damaged area – essential for your honeymoon!
Foot Balm
Elizabeth’s Arden Eight Hour Cream is great for treating dry, cracked heels. To get your feet silky smooth and in perfect condition for the big day, massage into your feet as a weekly treatment for an overnight healing effect.

Will you be celebrating this famous tradition on your special day? What are your favourite uses to Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream? Share your thoughts by commenting in the box below and tag any of your pictures with #BETHEBRIDE @BeautyExpertCom on Twitter and Instagram. Free Delivery Worldwide at

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