Here at Beauty Expert HQ, we’ve totally and utterly fallen head over heels in love with Ortigia’s Fico d’India range. Ortigia is a small Italian soap and scent company, which was founded in Sicily in 2006 by a lady named Sue Townsend. She came up with the incredible idea of only using natural ingredients in her products and was inspired by the aesthetics, colours and scents of one of Italy’s most charming islands, Sicily.

So why the Fico d’India range, you ask? Well, we do love all the products Ortigia has on offer, but there’s just something a little bit special about that amazing Fico d’India scent. So without any further ado, here’s our reasons why and some of our star picks from the collection.

Ortigia Fico d’India Square Candle

Ortigia Fico d'India Square Candle
It’s not all about health and beauty you know! Here on Beauty Expert, we do love a bit of home ware, and this gorgeous Ortigia Fico d’India Square Candle is what mantelpiece dreams are made of. We just absolutely adore the leopard and palm tree symmetry which is imprinted onto the signature jar, enveloping the candle’s pale green wax. The candle boasts a fresh and figgy scent, which is blended with cedar and orange flowers for added zest. Just, ahh.

Ortigia Fico d’India Bath Oil

ortigia bath oil


We just love this one. A luxurious treat for bath time, the Fico d’India Bath Oil by Ortigia is blended with a moisturising mix of avocado, olive and castor seed oil, combined with the brand’s best-selling perfume Fico d’India Eau De Parfum. Again, the packaging is beautiful. This can be seen across the board for Ortigia, but the scent of Fico d’India is what really has us going crazy. All we have to say is prepare for a little slice of tub-time heaven with this bath oil.

Ortigia Fico d’India Hand Cream

ortigia hand cream

If your hands are looking a bit chapped and in need of some TLC, then look no further than the Ortigia Fico d’India Hand Cream, which gets to work to deeply hydrate hands and heal at the same time. It’s enriched with lanolin, which is widely known for its healing properties and a moisturising blend of olive oil to keep them nourished. Also infused with the fresh fig and cedar fragrance we keep on raving about (you know we love it by now!), it really is a lovely, thick cream that keeps hands protected.

Have you tried any of the Ortigia range? do you have a preference on which collection you like best?

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