Alpha H Liquid Gold is the cult favourite amongst bloggers at the moment, so it seemed only right we told you all about our favourite product of the week, and unsurprisingly it is Alpha H Liquid Gold! This purifying, skin refining, firming and resurfacing lotion that tackles even the most problem prone skin is a must if you want a brighter complexion.

Alpha H is world renowned for their powerful products that really do what they say. Whether you suffer from acne break outs, want to reduce the appearance of your pores or are lucky enough to have great skin that lusts for a lift, the Alpha H Liquid Gold is a must have necessity that delivers skin saving results instantly after the first application.

How To Apply

This really is liquid gold, so it is best applied with a cotton pad and wiped over the face just before bed, if you want to give yourself an overnight indulgence then apply this alone, without a moisturiser on top. Let the liquid work its magic, wake up the next morning and see your bright, glowing, fresh faced youthful skin!!



Liquid Gold Ingredients


What makes Liquid Gold?

With a holy grail product such as this it’s always good to know what exactly is it that makes it so amazing. Alpha H Liquid H Gold  has 3 key ingredients, Glycolic Acid, Silk Proteins and Liquorice. These pure ingredients help to dissolve the abnormal cluster of colour under the skin, working with the skins pigmentation to render it colourless. Glycolic acid essentially exfoliates your skin to safely remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, bringing new, fresher skin to the surface. Silk proteins target wrinkles, leaving skin feeling silky soft and smooth and rich in antioxidants. Liquorice, although often thought of as something to eat, is excellent at reducing inflammation of the skin whilst soothing any irritations such as blemishes and acne and smoothing the skins surface, minimising the appearance of bumps and lumps (this one isn’t for eating!).


Michelle’s Story

Alpha H Michelle

No one knows better about the difficulties of living with a skin condition than Michelle Doherty, Director of Alpha-H. Having suffered with chronic cystic acne in her teenage years and throughout her 20s, Michelle began a quest to find a product range that would address not just the imbalances of the skin on a daily basis, but one which would help prevent those problems from re-occurring.

Disappointed by the results she achieved from over-the-counter cosmetics and appalled by the disinterest and lack of empathy from medical professionals, Michelle was introduced to Alpha-H when the brand was in its infancy. Within days of using the range she saw immediate and sustained visible improvements; not just in her skin, but in her confidence and self-esteem.

The experience was life changing. Ultimately she would give up her job to work alongside

the brand and spread the Alpha-H gospel. As the owner of Alpha-H, Michelle now travels the globe meeting men and women with their own skin concerns and problems; she dedicates herself to developing products which can help bring sustainable solutions to others.

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