Order above £80 and deliver to Mainland China between Beijing Time 06/11/2020 and 15/12/2020 (inclusive) on Beauty Expert to claim up to £25 account credits for tax and service charge incured.

Term and Conditions - Customs Tax Credit

  • Subject to the below conditions, if you place an order on Beauty Expert to be delivered to mainland China between 6 November 2020 and 15 December 2020  inclusive (Beijing Time) and the charged value of such order exceeds £80 or 700 RMB, you will be eligible to claim back tax charged at customs (and associated administration or service fees) in the form of credit on your account up to the total value of £25 or 220 RMB (“Tax Credit Claim”). Such credit may only be used on the aforementioned sites.
  • A maximum of two Tax Credit Claims may be made by each individual customer during each calendar month.
  • All Tax Credit Claims must be made by contacting Beauty Expert Customer Service on or before 31 January 2021. Following this date, you will not be eligible to make a Tax Credit Claim.
  • The credit amount issued will be the total amount of the actual tax paid to custom and the service or administration charge incurred (if any) up to a maximum of £25 or 220 RMB. For the avoidance of doubt, if the total amount that was charged to you exceeds £25 or 220RMB then the credit issued to you will be £25 or 220RMB.
  • Any credit issued must be used within 60 days of receipt of such into your Beauty Expert account or it will expire with no obligation on Beauty Expert to compensate you for any expired credit.
  • To be eligible to receive the credit, you must present to our full satisfaction: (i) your order number; (ii) proof of the date that you made the order; (iii) proof of the value of your order and (iv) the relevant tax receipt and administration or service charge receipt;
  • Unless expressly stated elsewhere, credit may be used in conjunction with other promotions onsite.
  • Beauty Expert is entitled to withdraw or suspend this Customs Tax Credit offering at any time our sole discretion


  • 凡在北京时间2020年11月6日至12月15日 (包括12月15日在内)期间,在Beauty Expert下单邮寄至中国大陆, 且订单实际支付金额超过80镑或700元人民币的顾客,按照相关法律法规缴纳相应税金的,可领取最高25英镑或220元人民币无门槛税补账户余额(账户余额仅在上述网站内使用);
  • 每位顾客每自然月可凭符合条件的证明领取税补账户余额不超过2次;
  • 符合条件的顾客可于北京时间2021年1月31日(包括1月31日)前登录网站联系网站客服领取,逾期不补;
  • 符合条件的顾客所获得的账户余额包括实际被税金额及缴税期间产生的相关手续费。如被税金额及手续费总和超过25镑或220元人民币,则最高补偿25镑或220元人民币;
  • 账户余额从领取日起有效60,到期即自动失效,不予补偿;
  • 联系官网客服时,请您提供并出具(i)您的订单编号;(ii)您的订单截图包括并显示订单金额及下单日期;(iii) 海关完税证明及手续费缴纳证明以证明您的领取资格;
  • 账户余额在除特殊注明的情况下,可与网站其他优惠同时使用;
  • Beauty Expert网站有权在任何时刻决定暂停或停止此次活动,并对活动拥有最终解释权;