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Make more time for yourself with these steps

How often have you found yourself thinking or saying “I wish I had more time for myself” or “I don’t have time for that”? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.  January has been all about taking care of yourself from the inside out. The year began with our collaboration with Mornflake. With over 300 years of milling experience and a whole host of cereal products to their name, they’ve were the perfect brand to kick start those healthy New Year’s resolutions! We then had the opportunity to meet with Decleor’s Skincare Specialist Fiona Brackenbury who gave us ladies some fabulous tips for keeping our skin looking fabulous this winter. Now it’s time for enjoying a little more “me time”.

With our lives becoming increasingly busier, taking more “me time” can often be the last thing on your list. But taking time out for relaxation, to work through your thoughts, doing the things you enjoy the most, can lead to a much happier and well-rounded life. With that in mind, we believe that taking care of yourself should be a top priority, so here are a few simple suggestions to help you do just that.

Make more time for yourself with these steps:

Take a walk

Whether it’s for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour, it’s the perfect exercise for both your body and mind. Taking regular walks not only helps you to stay healthy and live longer, it also helps to boost your self-esteem and mood! Sometimes when it all gets too much, walking can offer that movement we need to burn off some of that excess energy that anxiety squeezes into our minds!

Have a bath

With our lives becoming increasingly busier, we often choose the quicker option, particularly when it comes to taking a shower over a bath. It sounds like a super simple one but taking a bath can wash away a whole host of emotional and physical ailments. Fill up your tub with warm water, add some of your favourite bubble bath and enjoy a nice long soak. We love to relax and calm our busy minds and easy hard-working muscles with the Mio Liquid Yoga bubble bath. You’ll wonder how you ever coped without it!

Find a hobby you enjoy

Once you’ve reclaimed a bit of time for yourself, it’s important to fill it with things you actually enjoy doing. Whether that’s taking up a new Pilates class, getting stuck into a new book, or indulging in your favourite beauty products, it’s really important to spend time doing the things that makes you happy!

Switch off

Many of us are guilty when it comes to checking our phones or tablets before bed, but with research suggesting that using an electronic gadget for just two hours before bed causing so many sleep problems, it’s one we should all take note of! It might be difficult, but try to set some boundaries so that you’re not constantly on call. That way, you can actually enjoy some quality time for yourself, as well as getting that all-important shut eye!



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