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In the Spotlight: La Roche-Posay

April is an exciting time at Beauty Expert as we welcome French Pharmacy leaders La Roche Posay & Vichy! French pharmacy brands have taken the world by storm and one of the most recognised and celebrated is La Roche-Posay.

Recommended by dermatologists worldwide, the products are made with natural soothing and protective Thermal Spring Water, enhanced with patented active ingredients. The formulations are designed for all types of skin sensitivity, from sensitive to intolerant or allergic, and improve the skin quality day after day, whatever its condition. All products are hypoallergenic, with no-parabens and are non-comedogenic; most are fragrance-free or with non-allergic fragrance. Let us tell you a little more about this unique water and what products we’re most excited about!

The Thermal Spring Water

Rain water is filtered through thick chalky rocks and is collected in underground reservoirs which allow the water to go through mineralization. This process makes the La Roche-
Posay water rich in bicarbonates, calcium, silicates and selenium, along with zinc and copper.
Recognised as the “healing water” in France, this thermal spring water has been proven to soothe, hydrate, and protect your skin, as well as having anti-irritant and decongestant properties. Using the water alone can be used to soothe skin conditions including eczema, burns and rosacea.

And the products we’re most excited about…

La Roche-Posay offers a wide range of products which can all be tailored towards your specific skin’s needs & concern. From the simple & effective cleansers, to targeted acne treatments with proven results, to treatments for sensitive skins, the range has something for everyone.

Effaclar DUO+

Perfect for oily and acne prone skin,  this is possibly the last anti-blemish cream you’ll ever need for
clearer-looking skin day after day. This non-sticky formula is enriched with the unique thermal spring water and is clinically proven to give clearer skin in 24 hours. It reduces the appearance of blemishes, clogged pores as well as red and brown marks and is specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

Application Advice: Apply to the entire face morning after cleansing. Avoid the eye area.

Toleriane Ultra Fluide 

If are one of the 57% of UK women with sensitive skin, then choose the Toleriane range. Toleriane Ultra Fluide is a day moisturiser that is clinically proven to make skin less sensitivity day after day, as well as providing immediate
and long-lasting hydration and relief.  Enriched with Neurosensine and Glycerine, this is the first facial skincare product to be awarded the Seal of Approval by Allergy UK. This minimalist formula means it’s suitable for even the most sensitive of skin and is ideal during the allergy season!

Application Advice: Apply Toleriane Ultra Fluide to the face and neck every morning, and Toleriane Ultra Night every evening.

XL-Ultra Light SPF 50

Anthelios XL-Ultra Light fluid is the ultimate sun-cream for the face. Its patented Mexoplex formula offers the highest UVA, UVB and Infrared protection for even the most sensitive and sun-intolerant skin. This, coupled with its unique, non-sticky texture, has made it a hit with dermatologists across the globe. The light-weight fluid promises no stubborn white marks or greasy residue. Perfect for those with
normal to combination sensitive skin.

Application Advice: For everyday use, apply after moisturising. Let dry and then apply make-up as usual. On sunny days, re-apply frequently and generously to maintain protection.



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