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Demystifying Organic Skincare with Sanoflore

Transport yourself to the South of France with beautiful organic ingredients grown from scratch in the founders’ homeland. Sanoflore is the French pharmacie brand you need to know.

Sanoflore: Tell us more…

Between the beautiful French regions of Isère and Drôme, you’ll find the mountains of Vercors Massif. Left to flourish, these mountainous lands are the perfect climatic conditions for growing plants rich in active molecules and antioxidants: just what we like to see in our skincare.

Pioneers in organic farming, the region has farmed exclusively in organic practices since the 1970s, ensuring that every ingredient produced from these lands is entirely organic and free from pesticides. As a mark of its dedication to organic farming, Ecocert has certificated the brand as being “organic” by third party standards, as well.

In addition to their organic commitment, Sanoflore also believe in embracing and protecting the land they farm on. Within every element of their business they promote a sustainable way of working, from the products they cultivate to the environment they work in.

Who’s it for?

With its wide product range, Sanoflore is suitable for a variety of people. Its key areas are anti-blemish, anti-pollution and deep hydrating ranges, however due to their gentle ingredients we’re confident that there will be a product to meet your individual needs.

Key ingredients include Royal Jelly, Rose Floral Water, Lamiaceae Complex and Cornflower Water. With properties varying from anti-bacterial efficacy to antioxidants, we’re glad to see that ingredients lovingly grown are included in some of the best products we’ve tried. In fact, the Cornflower Water is derived from the Organic Centaurea Cyanus Cornflower plant which is picked at first light to ensure that as little pollution is in its makeup as possible.

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What are people saying?

This is a little bottle of actual magic… I will be buying this when it’s back in stock for sure!

Pippa, London, Customer

[One of] the cult skincare products French women love

Faith Xue, Byrdie

Now it’s time to discover why it’s one of France’s cult skincare brands.

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