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Why copper is a key ingredient for this brand

We put innovative skincare brand Iluminage in the spotlight, renowned for their copper-infused pillowcases, eye masks and socks, as well as their groundbreaking hair removal technology.

Iluminage: In The Spotlight

It’s hard to believe how much Iluminage have achieved, considering they were founded only seven years ago in 2011.

Creating professional products for use at home, they are constantly innovating the beauty field with their use of textiles and technology. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what has been developed, they are consistently ensuring that we’re getting the best available products – all without having to book in to a salon.

Best known for their interactive skincare solutions, including the Iluminage TOUCH Permanent Hair Remover, they’re developing their range of products to include luxurious yet technologically advanced textiles which may help our skin long term.

Who’s it for?

People like the Beauty Expert editors, in short. We absolutely adore our salon experiences, however long hours, a busy social life and demanding (occasional) gym classes mean that it can be tricky to squeeze in an appointment as often as necessary.

These products lessen the need to head into your salon, whilst also helping to delay signs of aging. Who knew we needed a brand so much?

What are the hero products?

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of hair, then the TOUCH permanent Hair Remover will be your go-to Iluminage product. What makes this product stand out among the competition is that it’s FDA-cleared to work on all skin tones. Its breakthrough development of Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency makes this at-home laser hair remover perfect for those with deeper skin tones who can’t use other similar products on the market.

However, if you’re looking for a little luxury, we’d recommend trying their pillowcases, eye masks and socks, all infused with copper-oxide. Not just a pretty accent colour favoured by millenials, copper in this sense has been clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of ageing, including fine lines and crow’s feet.

What are people saying?

An at-home hair-removal device for dark skin tones finally exists

Chloe Metzger, Allure Beauty

Excellent quality. Feels very silky. Too soon to know results, but after only 5 days skin seems more refreshed when I wake up.

Melissa, Beauty Expert customer


We’re advocates of the brand, and know you’ll love it too.

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