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Hygge: Is This Scandi Ritual The Secret to Happiness?

Hygge has suddenly invaded our daily lives. The Danish word, previously unknown to all but the most avid Scandophiles, has become the topic of choice. But what exactly is it? Every story on the subject defies a literal translation… So, to understand the phrase, we sit down with Jessica Pate, acclaimed yogi, scientist and exercise physiologist to uncover everything we need to know about this Scandi Ritual…

The History

Listed as ‘word of the year’ by both the Collins and Oxford English dictionaries, Hygge is now the subject of an array of books and copious amounts of department-store winter displays. Originating in Denmark, Hygge is an entire attitude. Sitting by the fire on a cold wintery-night, wearing a woolly jumper, watching TV under a duvet and drinking tea from your favourite china set all embody Hygge perfectly. Created in Scandinavia where temperatures hover around 0c and less than 7 hours of daylight can be enjoyed per day, greater emphasis is placed on at-home-entertaining.


Jessica Pate

What is Hygge?..

“The Danish word, Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga”, is typically translated as “cosiness,” but the true meaning moves far beyond comfort. Hygge describes an entire attitude which prioritizes the need to slow down, relax, and create connections with yourself and others.”

How do you achieve Hygge?..

“Hygge can manifest through self-care rituals such as a yoga class, bath, or sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea out of your favourite mug. Hygge also celebrates activities that develop deeper social connections.”

When is the best time to start practising Hygge?..

“Winter time is the perfect time to take advantage of a relaxing night in with good friends and loved ones. Carve out space to sit down, light a candle, cozy up with a blanket, and enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life!”

5 Ways To Create Hygge At Home

We uncover five of the best methods to re-create this scandi ritual at home…

1. Burn Candles – Anytime, All The Time!


Candles in the morning over breakfast, candles in the evening over dinner…

2. Create Your Own ‘Hyggekrog’


Find a place in your home, preferably somewhere with a nice view where you can lay out some cushions and blankets, sit down with a cup of tea and watch the world go by… Hygge heaven!

3. Wear Woolly Socks & Knitted Jumpers


If Hygge is all about comfort, what better way to experience it than getting cosy in your favourite knit and fluffy socks. Add a warm fire to the mix and you’ve got yourself a recipe for optimum Hygge.

4. Bring Nature Inside

new natura

Whether it’s using houseplants, pebbles, stones or even just a bunch of flowers, incorporating nature into your home will help create the perfect Hygge ambience.

5. Pick Up A Good Old-Fashioned Book


Sometimes we need to force ourselves to switch off from the interactive world and what better way than curling up on the sofa and reading your favourite book…

If you would like to know more, you can visit Jessica’s website here.



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