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A New Arrival: Petit Pai launch Skincare for Babies

Petit Pai

Every new mother wants to give their new bundle of joy the best. And now you can, as organic skin care specialist brand Pai have released a baby skin care range, Petit Pai. New mothers have a hundred and one things to worry about as they enter in to the world of parenthood. Pai, who specialise in making products for people with sensitive skin have developed the perfect skincare collection fit for your mini king or queen, through their Petit Pai range. Founded by sufferer of sensitive skin, Sarah Brown, Pai are specialists in creating skincare for highly sensitive or reactive skin. It’s the go to brand for organic, irritant free products – perfect for first time mums looking for a baby skin care brand they can rely on.

Tell me about the Petit Pai range

The range, which currently consists of two products, Apple & Mallow Blossom Face & Body Cream (200ml) and Apple & Mallow Blossom Hair & Body Wash (200ml) means that you can now bathe your new born in the comfort of knowing that they’re surrounded by nourishing organic oils, calming botanicals and perfect formulas designed to maintain the skin’s optimum PH.

Completely fragrance free, the products are made from the “purest possible” ingredients and have been expertly formulated for easily irritated skin.

Containing only certified organic ingredients both products are comfortingly gentle, promising to restore skin balance and soothe it to a comfortable condition – perfect for those first time mums concerned with keeping their baby’s skin gorgeously protected.

What’s in it?

The hair and the body wash are especially formulated to maintain an optimum PH for young, delicate skin. The wash, which comes with a Konjac sponge, is free of SLS, whilst the face and body cream is completely paraben free. Both products have been made with apple seed oil and mallow blossom, which are rich in linoleic fatty acid and natural glycoproteins for intensive moisturising.

The wash comes complete with a Konjac Bath Sponge, which again, perfectly reflects the brands natural ethos as it’s completely biodegradable. Producing a generous non-irritating foam, its texture effectively cleanses without scratching your babies skin.

Expert tip: Before using the sponge soaking in warm water for two minutes until it becomes soft and springy. After use, hang to dry. Once dry, it will shrink and harden. This is normal – just thoroughly soak for several minutes before next use!

How delicate is your baby’s skin?

New born babies need to develop an ‘acid mantle’ which is a very fine, slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin which acts as a barrier against potential impurities.

Within a few weeks of birth, a baby’s skin surface will change from close to PH neutral to a slightly acidic PH 5 as the barrier develops. In order to maintain a healthy skin barrier parents are encouraged to use products which are close to the baby’s skin natural PH, to avoid disturbing the development of this protective layer. Making finding baby products you can trust one of the most important aspects of your beauty realm!

Application Advice:  Apply a pea-sized amount of the hair and body wash on to the Konjac sponge and scrub away with your little bundle of joy.  For the hair, lather up a grape sized amount in to the palm of your hand and massage in, then just rinse!

For the cream, squeeze a grape sized amount on to the palm on to your hand and massage into areas of dry or itchy skin. And repeat as many times as you like!



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