The strongest looks for next season’s nails are now emerging as new colours start to hit the shelves. If you’re a follower of fashion, you’ll be wearing your talons every-which-way dark as the myriad of navy blue, black, grey and purple start to take over the beauty pages. Although blunted nails are still as on trend as long and sleek, both rely on one key element – healthy, strong nails. Darker colours show up every single flaw in a way that forgiving pastel shades never do. Nails of differing lengths, straggly cuticles and ridging texture are exacerbated by dark colours, so it’s time to get your nails into perfect condition before laquering up in catwalk matte. We have a great offer running at the moment; OPI Nail Envy contains hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium and puts weak and damaged nails back on the right track, and with it you get a free Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil. Tackling less than perfect nails with a two pronged approach – moisture and hardening – will get quicker and better results so you can rock that runway look! Personally, I’ve already snapped up some deep greens, a shimmering navy and a matte grey – I’m avoiding black for fear of looking like Grandma Goth.

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