Are you one of the people who believe that the so called ‘friendly bacteria’ in yoghurts do wonders? And your forever drinking/eating yoghurts trying to get the best results, but not achieving the best of looks you hoped for? Well look no further as the Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum 30ml is a friendly bacteria serum and is 100% natural! Celebrities such as, Kim Cattrall & Uma Thurman are big fans of the Cellular Renewal Serum. Erin O’Connor has lauded it as ‘a knockout’ and Helena Christensen is ‘obsessed’! If it’s good enough for supermodels…


This product proved to be a huge hit not only with celebrities but also with everyone – it launched in September 2010 and sold out worldwide! The silicone-free serum stimulates cellular renewal by up to 70% and the pioneering Probiotic Technology repairs DNA damage by up to 50%. All you need to do is apply one drop to fingertips and smooth onto a clean face, for best results it is best to follow the serum with Nude’s Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser. What’s even better is that the serum is gentle enough to use around the eye area and is suitable for all skin types! What ways do you use to hydrate your skin?


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