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March at Beauty Expert is all about balancing your life, transitioning your skincare into spring, and of course, keeping your skin super hydrated! Believing that we can have beautiful skin at every age, we recently caught up with ARK Skincare and their brand ambassador Susie Amy. A well-known, respected beauty blogger and qualified reflexologist, Susie certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated!

Carry on reading to discover Susie Amy’s experience with ARK Skincare, her favourite products, and her top tips for keeping your skin hydrated…

ARK Skincare and Me…

 I became ARK’s first brand ambassador at the beginning of 2015. I had been talking about the products on my blog and using them since discovering them in 2012. They approached me because I was already a supporter of the brand. It’s been incredibly fun being more involved and seeing the process with the development of new products. There were some really exciting launches at the end of last year.

My Favourite Products…

 ARK Hydration Injection Masque

This intensive multivitamin masque is a lifesaver for parched, dehydrated skin. I remember using it when I returned from a holiday to Mykonos last year – plane journeys, air conditioning and sun expoSusie Amy - Hydration Injection Masquesure can all contribute to lacklustre skin, and there is nothing worse than returning from a holiday looking worse than when you left for it! I slept the Hydration Injection Masque on the night of my return and by morning my skin felt totally replenished! It contains the all important ultra hydrating Hyaluronic Acid which drenches the skin with moisture and protects against moisture loss. The encapsulated vitamin blend includes Vitamin B5 for smoothness, Vitamin A to regulate collagen synthesis, Vitamin C to fade sun marks and pigmentation and Vitamin E to work against UV damage. Free from parabens, fragrance and irritants and is suitable for all age groups. Remove with a hot cloth.

ARK Skincare Hydrating Serum

I’ve been using this serum ever since I laid my hand on a bottle back in 2012. A few drops of this delicious liquid onto clean skin is all you need to keep Susie Amy - Hydrating Serumyour skin perfectly hydrated. I’ve always had dehydrated skin – not dry – but dehydrated. So many things can contribute to dehydration; central heating, air conditioning, travel, lack of liquid, poordiet – and keeping the skin hydrated is one of the best anti-ageing moves you can make. The fine lines that appear as a result of dehydration become deeper and more persistent lines over time. The Hydrating Serum contains Cucumber Extract which boosts elasticity and Laminaria Algae which provides instant and long lasting moisture.



Hydration Tips

  • I never use hot water on my face – only warm- my skin always feels stripped by the heat. My shower is never particularly hot either.
  • I drink as much water as I can. I sometimes add cucumber and mint – orange is nice too- and it encourages me to drink more.
  • If ever I’m flying – especially on a long haul flight- I won’t wear make-up. This way I can keep adding moisturiser throughout the flight.
  • Self tan. I don’t lie in the sun and I’m pretty pale! So if ever I want to have a little colour I have to use self tan. Some tanners can be very drying because of an ingredient called DHA- Madame LA LA Face Bronzing Serum is low in DHA and has been formulated with coconut water


 If you’re new to ARK Skincare, an age specific Cleanser and Moisturiser is a good place to start! These contain the optimum levels of vitamins, minerals, lipids and antioxidants to give you beautiful, healthy skin. For your chance to win an Ark Skincare Cleanser and Moisturiser – specifically for your age & the new Reverse Gravity Eye Cream – simply fill in your details below.


The competition will close at midday on the 31st March and a winner will be chosen on the 4th April Good luck!

Kerry Courtney

Kerry Courtney

Skincare Specialist

A self-confessed skincare addict, I’m always on the search for new products to add to my collection! I believe there’s nothing quite as flattering as when your skin heralds a certain luminescence. I’ve recently qualified as a Beauty Therapist, so when I’m not writing about all things beauty, I love nothing more than pampering my friends & family!

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