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Roses are a flower we usually associate with romance, love and making our gardens look stunning when they are in bloom. But have you ever considered the rose to be beneficial to your skincare routine? KORRES recognise the benefits of the rose within your skincare products and in particular, Wild Rose Fruit.

Wild rose fruit is commonly noted in the skincare world as containing high levels of vitamin C. Benefits of Vitamin C in skincare include the repair of fine lines and wrinkles, alongside helping to correct pigmentation disorders. Not only that, but Wild Rose Oil also offers amazing moisturising, softening and healing benefits; which will all contribute to helping your complexion look plumper and contribute to a beautiful, healthy glow.

KORRES Wild Rose Facial Routine

Get the glow in 3 steps with KORRES Wild Rose products. Follow this skincare routine 1-2 times a week to reveal a supple, glowing complexion.

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Step 1: After cleansing your skin, apply the KORRES Wild Rose Peeling Mask carefully to your face, avoiding the delicate area around your eyes. Leave the Wild Rose Peeling Mask on for 3-10 minutes (depending on the sensitivity of your skin). After the desired length of time, rinse off to reveal instant radiance generated by 10% AHA and pomegranate enzymes.

Step 2: Once you have removed the peeling mask, apply the KORRES Dark Spot Corrective Treatment. This intensive facial treatment is designed to prevent discolouration and age spots, and is enriched with pure Vitamin C and Wild Rose Extract.

Step 3: Before you hit the hay, treat your skin even further by applying the KORRES Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial. This luxuriously creamy formula is suitable for all skin types and instantly melts in to your skin; offering intense hydration. Hyaluronic acid aids a softer, smoother and more radiant complexion, meaning that your ‘beauty sleep’ really will live up to its name!

 Suitable for vegetarians and cruelty free, KORRES Wild Rose skincare is also free from mineral oils, parabens and petroleum – as well as containing a whole host of skin friendly ingredients. You can find a range of KORRES UK skincare online here at Beauty Expert.



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