About the Brand

In 1950, the first Jeanne Gatineau Beauty School was opened in Paris, sharing a wealth of knowledge with the world, Gatineau has now become one of the leaders in the skincare industry for delivering premium anti-aging skin care.

Working on developing a range that is ahead of it’s time, Gatineau was the first company to introduce to the use of exfoliants and slimming creams as well as the benefits of various antioxidants within skincare such as green tea and vitamins A, E and F.

Nowadays, Gatineau is still striving to achieve beautiful results for you, releasing a body range to focus on various areas of your body to give you tailored and remarkable results.


Editor’s Top Picks




Gatineau Defilift 3D Lift For Throat & Decollete

The neck and decollete are highly exposed, vulnerable areas that often betray a woman’s age sooner than any other part of her body. The exclusive complex of plant proteins, Peptilift, forms a 3-dimensional micro-network in the skin. This contracts helping to tighten and firm the neck area so the skin appears more toned. Camellia oil, Allantoin and Vitamins A, E and F also provide an ultra-nourishing and moisturising action, leaving the skin beautifully supple and nourished.


Gatineau Nutriactive Mediation Rich Cream

Gatineau Nutriactive Mediation Rich Cream can be used day and night to replenish softness and comfort to your skin. Perfect for essential daily protection as well as defence against the elements for skiers and outdoor lovers! The rich formula of this multitasking marvel improves the overall condition of your skin, leaving it velvety soft and nourished.


Gatineau Comforting Daffodil Toner

Refresh and stimulate dry skin with Gatineau Comforting Daffodil Toner. Enriched with daffodil extract, it helps to maintain the skin’s natural lipid balance, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth, as well as citric acid to brighten your complexion. The alcohol-free formula won’t irritate your skin, so your skin is left revitalised.


Gatineau Comforting Lily Cleanser

Say hello to wonderfully soft and supple skin with Gatineau Comforting Lily Cleanser. Rich and creamy, it gently removes all traces of make up and dirt, whilst moisturising dehydrated complexions.

Enriched with lily petals, it will leave your skin feeling silky and supple, as well as being completely refreshed.


Gatineau Anti-Redness Cream

A deep-penetrating action to both treat the skin and protect it from further irritation. Contains a specific plant extract to reduce inflammation and improve capillary action. Also contains a corrective complex of micronised, light-reflecting, mineral sun filters and specially selected softening, strengthening and protective ingredients. By improving the micro-circulation and controlling capillary size, the active ingredients instantly reduce blotchiness, while the creams barrier action also protects from environmental irritation.


Gatineau Melatogenine Pure Focus Anti-Wrinkle Pen

The updated Focus Treatment now comes in a bigger size with a brush applicator and has an improved formula to deliver even better results. In clinical trials 97% of women reported a noticeable decrease in wrinkles after just one week of using the Focus Anti-Wrinkle Pen. Now you can focus deep within the wrinkle with this elegant yet high-tech applicator pen containing a concentrated serum of 5 powerful wrinkle-fighting ingredients designed to work deep within the skin.




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