We’ve all been there – slogging away with a razor or torturing ourselves with wax strips wishing for a long term solution to hair removal. Yes, that final silky smooth feeling can feel nice and satisfying, but the path to hair-free skin can certainly be a rocky one.

It may still be winter, but the sunny summer months will be here before we know it – we hope. Here at Beauty Expert we know that once the warm weather hits, loads of you will want to lock up your 80 denier tights and set your legs free while you can! So, how can you enjoy the summer without constantly worrying about keeping on top of hair removal and spending a fortune on razors and waxing strips? The answer is simple yet innovative… Inhibitif.

 “Removing hair is a pain. Do it less often.”

These are words that we have all been waiting to hear. And thanks to Inhibitif, we can do it less often.

The range is made up of innovative serums and gels that work to limit hair regrowth and reduce the density and prominence of unwanted hair. It really is as simple as it sounds – take a look at some of their marvellous miracle-workers and start prepping your skin for a super smooth summer!


Hair-Free Face and Hair-Free Body Serums

Whether you want to wave goodbye to unwanted hair on your face or on your body, the Hair-Free Face and Hair-Free Body serums offer the ideal solution. For the optimum body and facial hair removal solution, just apply over waxed or shaved skin a couple of times a day and you’ll start to see a difference in just 2 weeks! Plus, the serums relieve redness and irritation thanks to a blend of plant-based molecules and hyaluronic acid – trust us, it’s not too good to be true! Use the Hair-Free Hydrator Clean Ozone as well to enhance effects and nourish your skin.

Hair-Free Deodorant Kinetic Energy

Some areas can be more sensitive than others when it comes to hair removal, and the underarms are no exception. Intelligently created as a deodorant (yes, it even fights odour!), the Hair-Free Deodorant Kinetic Energy means that you can go sleeve-free and worry-free from now on!

Hair-Free Intimate Care

Speaking of sensitive spots, it’s no secret that our intimate area can be a cause for concern. Luckily, Inhibitif have catered to all areas and created a Hair-Free Intimate Care gel that will help to reduce unwanted bikini hair as well as unwelcome irritation. And good job too, with bikini season on its way – this hair removal solution will be your best friend in the spring and your saviour in the summer!

So go ahead and plan for the summer without planning around unwanted body hair – Inhibitif will take care of that for you! Free delivery at



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