Here at Beauty Expert, we’ve been anxiously anticipating the exciting arrival of the revolutionary hair care range from Concoction. A brand that quite literally treats the beauty lab as its playground, Concoction is powered by a dedicated team of beauty mixologists, who get to work to create the perfect hair care result tailored to your needs.

How do Concoction Products work?

Basically, with Concoction – you call the shots. Allow us to enlighten you…

Step One: Choose the base fragrance of Concoction’s ShampYou Nourish + Protect base blend – Bakhour, Black Pepper & Citrus, Lemon & Verbena or Rosemary & Mint.

concoction shampoo


Step Two: Next up you add two of Concoction’s SuperSerum shots, to give your shampoo a completely unique twist. Tailored to you, the SuperSerum shots range from Beautiful Brunette, Curl Me Up, Back To Your Roots, Gimme More Moisture, High-Definition Blonde, Ravishing Red, Thermo Straight and Turn Up The Volume.



Step Three: Finish off the Concoction routine with their luxurious  Crème de Concoction Conditioner, which is beautifully scented with cashmere and white lily.


And there you have it, your very own uniquely tailored to you Concoction ShampYou! What do you think of the range? Do you rate their products?



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