There’s little that is more uplifting that the first rays of spring sunshine and a few sprigs of blossom emerging. Spring is Britain’s prettiest seasons with new buds and bulbs popping up everywhere. As soon as winter is shrugged off, I start to crave fresher scents with light floral notes rather than the heady ambers of darker months. Korres Vanilla Freesia Lychee is a great ‘in between’ scent; a little kick of vanilla warms it up beautifully and some sexy musk keeps it from being too light, but the notes of lychee and freesia are a beautiful combination of fresh and floral. I prefer a perfume to have some sweetness to it, and this ticks the box. The very top notes of bergamot and tea give it an opening refresher that warms down to a smoother, warm and pretty scent.

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