Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, delivering anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits that make it most beneficial for mature and blemish-prone skin. Working to support cell regeneration and maintain healthy blood vessels, you’ll also notice a reduction in sebum production and breakouts. Those with sun damage can use retinol as a topical treatment to diffuse the appearance of pigmentation on the skin. 

As retinol is highly active and can cause minor skin irritation, it’s essential to build up usage and start with a low concentration formula. Other ‘Retinol Rules’ include reserving this ingredient for your evening routine, never use in combination with other active ingredients such as Vitamin C and apply daily SPF for the week following each application. 


Ingredient in Focus: Retinol

We're putting retinol in the spotlight and looking into why it is such an effective skincare ingredient to improve your overall skin health.