Acai Berry

Highly concentrated in fatty acids and active antioxidants, Acai Berries are rich in radiance-boosting Vitamin C. Dermatologists frequently praise the results of Vitamin C - some say it’s the secret to luminous skin - and we couldn’t agree more. With the power to fight off free radicals and prevent the appearance of premature ageing, Vitamin C is an essential in any modern skincare routine. Boosting Collagen production to improve skin elasticity, skin feels smoother with more bounce. Vitamin C is suitable for all skin types but should always be used in conjunction with a daily SPF.

The Acai Berry is the vegan powerhouse ingredient that keeps your skin looking healthy, radiant and youth-boosted. Topical application of antioxidant skincare products will help to generate cell turnover and protect against environmental aggressors that damage the skin, resulting in a smoother and more youthful appearance. We love using Acai Berry skincare products as they are a natural remedy to replenish moisture and rejuvenate the skin.