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Whether you prefer to use a liquid, cream or powder find the perfect base for your make up with the Foundation range at Beauty Expert. Featuring a wide collection of shades to suit fair, middle and dark skin tones you can give your complexion an even and flawless finish every day.

With a range of formulas that are oil and water based, you needn’t worry about being left with a shiny complexion or with dry skin by the end of the day. Choose your coverage too with a diverse range of blends that offer light to full coverage for every type of face, so whether it’s your complexion you just want evening out or blemishes covering you can get flawless results every time.

How to apply your foundation – There is no written rule when it comes to applying your foundation. Make-up artists from around the world debate the pros and cons of each method but for us we go by personal preference and what works best for us. Go for a brush to work your liquid or crème foundation around your face, opting for a kabuki brush with powder foundation. Sponges work great for those looking for less coverage across their complexion with some of us opting for the use of our fingers to get foundation across the entirety of your complexion.

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