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Believing that a healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness both inside and out, Dr. Howard Murad has worked hard to develop a skin care brand that produces amazing results. This talented doctor has worked his way through a variety of different qualifications to ensure that he is always on top of his game when it comes to quality skin care, and is a recognised dermatologist, pharmacist and professor of medicine. The celebrated selection of skin care products available promises to transform your skin through extensive research and clinical knowledge, and combines top quality ingredients to make sure that your skin stays healthy the whole time. With such an extensive wealth of knowledge behind the founder and the brand, you can trust that these skin care products will rejuvenate and refresh your skin and help to contribute towards a healthier lifestyle.

The doctor himself has come up with a unique 3-step skin care routine which promises to keep your skin looking and feeling as healthy as possible. Follow these 3 stages and experience the transformation of your life…

Step 1 – Cleanse & Tone

To make sure that your skin is lovely and clean, wash your face twice a day to remove impurities and dead skin cells – try out the Pore Reform Daily Cleansing Foam. Follow up by using toner such as the Radiant Toning Lotion twice a day to restore the pH levels of your skin.

Step 2 – Target & Repair

Enhance the health of your skin and repair existing damage by using an effective skin care treatment like the Blemish Clarifying Mask. He refers to this as the most important step of a skin care routine!

Step 3 – Hydrate & Protect

Finish off with a hydrating and rejuvenating moisturiser such as the Correcting Moisturiser SPF 15. The doctor also recommends applying sun screen every day, no matter the weather!

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