The Lancer Method: Body

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The Lancer Method: Body is a three step routine that has been specially formulated to target dry, lacklustre skin. Boasting over 30 years in the industry, Dr Lancer has been recognised worldwide for his coveted, targeted solutions to a plethora of skin concerns. Driven by his passion to transform skin, Dr Lancer strives to create innovative solutions that are based on years of clinical research. 

what is the lancer method

The Lancer Method is a three-step skincare routine that works to restore and maintain beautiful skin.

Step One: The Method: Body Polish 

The Method: Body Polish is a gentle treatment that has been formulated to visibly improve the condition of the skin. Pure quartz crystals and salicylic acid work to exfoliate the skin's surface, expertly removing dead, dull skin cells. Kigelia Fruit Extract and Marula Oil combine in a conditioning blend that leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and suitably refreshed.

Step Two: The Method: Body Cleanser

Step two of The Lancer Method is the Body Cleanser. Formulated with Glycolic and Salicylic Acid to help improve skin texture and tone, The Method: Body Cleanser works to eliminate dry, dull skin promoting a more radiant, youthful complexion. Enriched with Watermelon Seed Oil, this luxurious foaming cleanser expertly removes impurities from skin without over-drying. Skin will be left feeling soft and soothed.

Step Three: The Method: Body Nourish

The final step of The Lancer Method is Body Nourish. A unique treatment that has been powered with 10% Glycolic Acid, Body Nourish works to improve skin texture and tone whilst simultaneously minimising the visible signs of ageing. Anti-oxidant rich, Body Nourish works to plump fine lines and wrinkles whilst maintaining the skin's natural moisture levels for skin that is smoother, younger and more vibrant.

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