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“Removing hair is a pain. Do it less often.” These are the wise words of innovative hair reduction brand Inhibitif, who are sure to become your new solution to smooth skin. The brand specialises in creating quality hair cream and serum that reduce the prominence and density of unwanted hairs, making for a pain-free yet effective experience that will change your hair removal routine for good! The serums contain an intelligent mix of ingredients, including plant-based active molecules and hyaluronic acid, that work not only to reduce unwelcome hair, but also to eliminate redness and irritation.

This professional range contains formulas to target hair all over the body, from facial hair serums to gels for treating your most sensitive areas. They even offer the clever Hair-Free Deodorant Kinetic Energy, which keeps you smelling fresh as well as hair-free! Thanks to their effective formulas, the products get to work at once and you can see visible effects in just 2 weeks, making them the perfect solution to long-term hair removal. Whether you want to prepare for skin exposure in the summer months, you want to boost your confidence or you’re simply looking to cut back on time spend shaving and waxing, you can rely on this innovative brand to work wonders. Get your next hair removal solution from with free delivery options.

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