Double Cleanse

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An effective skincare routine for soft, smooth and healthy skin requires a double cleanse. By making a conscious effort to remove your makeup, creams and SPF from the day, followed by ensuring your face is thoroughly cleansed, your skin will reward you with a glowing complexion you can be proud of. The range of skincare products great for a double cleanse from Erno Laszlo includes a range of formulas from oils and cleansing bars to makeup removers for the perfect cleanse.

Which product should I use for the first cleanse in my skincare routine?

The Erno Laszlo Multi-Phase Makeup Remover gently loosens and dissolves makeup whilst nourishing the skin, preparing it for the second cleanse. Gentle enough to use all over the face including the delicate eye area, it soothes and hydrates skin for a soft, smooth complexion. Enriched with cucumber, aloe extracts and herbal anti-inflammatories, it will help to defend your skin from free radicals, leaving you with a youthful look and feel.

Which product should I use for the second cleanse in my skincare routine?

The Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Cleansing Oil is a lightweight, non-greasy charcoal based cleansing oil made to draw out dirt, oil and impurities from the pore like a magnet. Also formulated with anti-inflammatory algae extract, it stimulates cell renewal for plump, youthful skin. Suitable for daily use, it visibly minimises the size of pores to reveal a brighter, healthier looking complexion. Upon application, the oil transforms from black to white to keep skin clean, improve texture, deal with environmental aggressors and reduce acne break outs.

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