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Straight from the pharmacies of France comes Codage, the skin care brand that is as professional as it is effective. Created by a family of pharmacists, these anti-aging and skin care products are tailored to suit specific skin issues and contain the highest quality ingredients in the precise dosage to treat individual problems. Siblings Amandine and Julien Azencott were exposed to the world of pharmacy from a young age, and used traditional methods and procedures to create professional skin care suitable for all kinds of different skin types. The brand commits to creating formulas that are extremely efficient and of the highest quality, be it an anti-aging serum, a protective cream or a moisturising skin care solution. Choose the right skin care products for you at…

What shall I use to treat dry skin?

Serum N.01 is an intense moisturiser designed especially to target dry skin, and will leave you feeling smoother and softer thanks to a blend of ingredients such as Hy3 to restore hydration, and Ap2 to calm irritation. If you’re looking for a solution to dry skin during the winter months, then try Oh My Cold, which contains special ingredients like Hi and Re3 to defend the skin against cold weather and repair damaged cells.

What shall I use to treat aging skin?

Try Serum N.05 for an anti-aging solution that will target wrinkles and fine lines with a formula contain ingredients such as Ri3 to improve firmness, and Ru3 to defend and protect against lines. Serum N.10 is also an anti-aging and energy solution created especially to be used around the eyes, and contains effective ingredients including Cn3 to relieve signs of fatigue, and Pc3 to sooth puffiness.

What shall I use to treat redness?

Give Serum N.07 a go for powerful soothing and anti-redness. This formula contains Rg3 to retain blood vessels, and Ao3 to protect against UV ray harm, and will leave your skin looking calm and even. If you really want to brighten your complexion then try Serum N.04, a formula containing ingredients like Tc3 and Bl3 which target dark spots and safely lighten the skin.

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