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Tria: The perfect mid-point between beauty and technology

It’s incredible to think about how much technology has impacted our lives. As we’re now wirelessly connected at all hours across the globe for work and leisure, it’s hardly surprising that technological elements are slowly working their way into our beauty routines. Enter Tria, the pioneering beauty brand leading the way for at home laser hair removal and age defying laser technology.

Tria: Tell us more…

Tria Beauty was born in 2003. Back then, lasers were only used in a professional environment but Tria knew that there would be ways of harnessing this incredible technology that would be safe for us to use at home.

A mere two years later, their Hair Removal Laser was unveiled in its first form in Japan. The development team are constantly redeveloping the product making sure that it’s at the forefront of innovative technology whilst making sure that, of course, it is safe for use at home. Tria’s at home laser hair removal products are now must-haves in our collection.

In 2012, they branched out into launching products with a focus on alleviating acne and ageing concerns, utilising the healing properties of blue light.

Who’s it for?

Tria is perfect for those looking for an alternative to shaving or waxing, as well as those who would prefer to remain in the comfort of their own homes for this type of beauty treatment.

The lasers work better on those with pale skin and coarse hair, due to deeper skintones absorbing the light.

What are the hero products?

Of course, Tria are best known for their at home laser hair removal and age defying laser treatments, however their more traditional products are also worthy of a position at the forefront of your beauty cabinet.

Developed to complement your laser treatment, their products are the perfect pair.

What are people saying?

Great for small areas – my face is now completely hair free.

Jenny Tyler, Customer, London

4/5 TRIA is not a 100 per cent fail-proof miracle cure, but it comes pretty close to it (at least as close as its salon equivalents). For those lucky enough to have the ideal colouring for the treatment (light skin and dark hair), the score would be 5/5.

Rebecca Davies, The Telegraph

Now you know the brand, it’s time to add it to your collection.

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