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The skincare brand Natalie Portman loves

When it comes to skincare recommendations, who else is there better to trust than Hollywood’s finest, Natalie Portman.

The stunning 36-year-old has revealed her secret to keeping her perfectly pale skin blemish free and it turns out the secret lies with one of Beauty Expert’s most loved skincare brands, Pai skincare.

The all-natural brand, have captured the beauty bag of the actress through their stunning of organic skincare products. Made for sensitive skin by people with sensitive skin, the Hollwood starlet swears by the Chamomille and Rosehip Calming Day Cream.


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Speaking to Harper’s Bazzaar, Natalie said: “I love Pai organic skincare – particularly the Chamomile and Rosehip Cream.”

Ideal for sensitive skin, the Pai moisturiser is packed full of Azulene, an anti-inflammatory in chamomile, while the rosehip heals the skin. Like all Pai cosmetics, the moisturiser is completely free from parabens, alcohol and skin irritants such as beeswax which can be pore-blocking.

But the Pai moisturiser isn’t the only product from the brand that the star is a fan of.

Revealing her top skincare picks in Elle magazine, she said: “I use organic products. I love Pai’s Lotus and Orange Blossom Affinity Toner £30 – it reminds me of my garden – and Pai Comfrey and Candula Calming Body Cream, £22.”

Deeply hydrating yet non-greasy, the body cream utilises the aroma of jasmine and orange peels to nourish all skin types. Whilst the toner is packed with ‘living water’ that helps to provide a lightweight lotion that improves skin tone whist providing protection against environmental aggressors. Leaving skin soft, supple and completely restored.

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