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Day 10 Advent Reveal: Gatineau Eye Makeup Remover

Sunday’s drawer in the 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar brings you a product to help you wash away Saturday night’s panda eyes. The Gatineau Floracil Plus Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is made with a bi-phase formula that removes eye makeup while conditioning the lashes and hydrating the skin.

The expert formula effortlessly melts away even the toughest of waterproof makeup. Packed with soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and witch hazel, it’s also great on puffy, tired-out eyes that are telling the signs of a few too many late nights.

About the brand

A Parisian beauty brand, Gatineau was founded by beauty therapist in Jeanne Gatineau in the 1930’s. A revolutionary in the beauty world, Jeanne Gatineau was the brains behind the world’s very first exfoliator, milk cleanser and alcohol-free toner. Over 80 years later, the brand is continuing to push boundaries with their expert formulations and cutting-edge science – and the Gatineau Floracil Plus Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is no different.

The hero products

Gatineau Defilift Perfect Design Performance Volume Cream

A cult anti-ageing product, this hard-working cream enhances the volume of the skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles and hiding every flaw.

Gatineau Defilift 3D Eye Contour Lift Emulsion

This super potent product is a ‘miracle in a bottle’. Helping to tone, soothe and visibly lift tired eyes, it expertly relieves congestion to create a visibly younger appearance.

Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask

This rich, creamy formula hydrates the skin whilst  helping it to regain its youthful radiance.

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