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Beauty Expert’s Ultimate Guide to Eye Cream

Here at Beauty Expert we’re firm believers the core principal of a solid skin-care regime is an eye cream. Considering that the eye area is one of the first places that we begin to age, it’s crucial to take care of it. But with so many on the market, choosing one can be quite the task, even for the most beauty savvy. Questions such as which one to use? When do I start using one? And the choice as to which one to invest in, can leave most of us wondering where to start? But don’t fret as Beauty Expert is here with an entire eye cream SOS to make things a whole lot easier.

When should I start wearing eye cream?

It’s the age-old question. And the truth is, considering the thin, delicate nature of the skin surrounding the eyes; it’s never too early to start paying extra attention to the area.

As a general rule, start applying at 18. Whilst it’s far too early to be concerned with wrinkles it’s never too early to provide the delicate area with some extra hydration. Plus, the eye area gets a lot of wear and tear from smiling and squinting, so well moisturised eyes will keep you looking bright and fresh no matter what your age.

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How much eye cream should I use?

Squirt a pea size amount on to the end of your finger to apply – this should be enough for both eyes.

How do I apply my eye cream?

Try to pat the eye cream in to the area under and around the eye rather than rubbing. Avoiding pulling at the skin as this will cause irritation and leave it on for around a minute before continuing with your skincare regime.

Where should I keep my eye cream?  

In order to keep your eye cream at its most potent, keep it in the fridge and avoid a steamy bathroom. The cold temperature will also help to reduce puffiness – double winner!

What is the best eye cream for me?

So this is where it gets complicated. Which eye cream you use becomes a bigger factor as you age. Here’s  a roundup of what to look out for:

In your 20’s:

If there’s one beauty ethos you abide by in your 20’s it should be ‘prevention is better than the cure’.  So choose an eye cream which also provides a high SPF, which will protect your skin’s most delicate area from the sun’s harmful rays.

Products which contain antioxidants and protect against the damage caused by free radicals and environmental pollutants are also great to use in your younger years.

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Beauty Expert Recommends: Alpha-H Absolute Eye Cream SPF

Containing triple peptide technology with UVA and UVB filters, this ceramic touch eye cream instantly refreshes and relives fatigued eyes – perfect for those ladies whose peepers need brightening after a long flight.

In your 30’s and 40’s: The 30’s is the decade that we begin to show ageing. Hyperpigmentation or ‘dark circles’ around the eyes may begin to show in your 30’s, which will often become more prominent in  your 40’s.

This is the age to start introducing the age-defying wonder ingredient ‘Retinol’. Considered ‘a magic bullet’ in the beauty world, Retinol works to increase cell turnover and accelerate collagen production helping to massively reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, texture and tone.

Beauty Expert Recommends: This Works No Wrinkle Eye Repair

This powerful eye cream is rich in retinol, meaning it works hard to banish dark circles and wrinkles whilst enhancing firmness. The fast absorbing, argan oil rich formula also provides intensive moisture and protection to the delicate area.

In your 50’s: Whilst similar rules apply in your 50’s as your 30’s and 40’s, your 50’s is the decade of collagen loss and saggy skin, which is often coupled with the menopause. Affecting nearly every woman in her fifties, the menopause is coupled with a steady decline in estrogen, causing a drop in collagen production and making the skin significantly drier. So it’s crucial to load up on products that provide extra moisture and a collagen boost during this decade.

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