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Beauty Editor: “I used this cleanser for a month and this is what happened to my skin”

Fusing nature with science, Elemis have long been a brand I have turned to when it comes to skincare. Most recently, the Elemis Biotec Cleanser found its way to my desk and after hearing rave reviews I was keen to try it out.

The brand created the Biotec range to re-energize the skin. The clever collection works by adapting to the unique lifestyle that each one of us leads. As a busy, working women with not much time to spare, I was intrigued to see how well the revitalising cleanser renewed my tired looking skin. Read on to find out what I thought…

Week 1: First Impressions

Housed in a generously sized bottle, initially I did think I might need a lot of product per application. How wrong I was. Just 2 – 3 squirts foams up to a velvety formula that smooths beautifully over the skin. Charged with a trio of acids (succinic, latic and ferulic) the cleanser penetrates deep into the skin to rid your complexion of all grime, oil and impurities, whilst rebalancing your skin.

I’ve used a lot of cleansers and they have often left my skin feeling a little tight and dried-out. The gel – foam hybrid of the Elemis Biotec Cleanser immediately leaves skin silky smooth, cleansed and comforted.

Elemis Biotec Cleanser

Week 2: Awaken the senses

As suggested on the packaging, I used around three pumps of the cleanser both morning and evening. After the first week my skin was definitely brighter, plumper and just generally more revitalised. Also, not only did I find that it woke up my skin – it also woke me up, no matter how groggy or tired I was feeling.

Week 3: The game changer

Week three was the game changer for me. I’ve never had bad skin but I’ve always had pimples and under-skin blemishes that I’ve struggled to get rid. After using the cleanser for a consecutive three weeks those pesky pimples and blackheads started to clear, leaving bright, clear, renewed skin.

But what is it that’s having this adverse effect on my skin? Its key ingredients are electrolytes, minerals and those fantastic acids which work in unity to deeply cleanse and help clear the skin.

Week 4: I’m a convert

By week 4 my skin felt, brighter, clearer and plumper – and I’d only used around a third of the bottle. A must-have in my bathroom.

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