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The One Thing Ageless Women Have In Common

Many people believe that how you age comes down to genetics. One beauty brand has teamed up with the experts from Harvard University to discover the key similarities between women with ageless skin.

Skincare brand Olay teamed up with Harvard scientists and genetic testing site 23andMe to analyse how women’s skin ages. Testing across all generations and ethnicities, the team found a special 10% of their participants to be ‘outliners’. It seemed that the age of this particular group of women’s skin was well below their real age – suitably labelling them ‘ageless women.’

The research found that whilst the genes these women were born with did not play a significant role in their ‘agelessness,’ their gene activity was markedly different from the other 90% of participants and this was down to ‘gene expressions’ – which fluctuate with your age, the seasons and even your 24 hour biorhythm.

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As we age, certain gene expressions are turned on and off – such as the body’s ability to break down collagen which is a key factor in the ageing process.

The research uncovered that the gene activity footprint (an infrared of the exact DNA that were not working or were working overtime) was almost completely opposite (a photo negative) of the women who looked older than they were. Meaning that the ‘ageless women’ do not necessarily have better genes but have genes ‘perform’ better.

So, what’s the good news?

The good news is that genes that ‘perform better’ are mostly determined by lifestyle factors and not genetics. Meaning technically, that with the right lifestyle choices, education and skincare products, all women have the hope of looking ageless (hurrah!)

What lifestyle factors make women ageless?

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They use a good SPF

The number one lifestyle factor of these ‘ageless women’ was using an SPF. When surveyed, those who stated that they always wore SPF were a massive 78% more likely to age exceptionally. Whereas, those who avoided sunbathing altogether were 35% more likely to fall into team ageless.

They moisturise

Most women know that moisturising the skin is important in keeping skin supple, hydrated and healthy – but now research proves it. When surveyed, the women who said they rarely suffered from dry skin were 30% more likely to age well. This meant that the nature of their skin was no only well-moisturised, but protected against the environment, thus decelerating the signs of ageing. All the more reason to reach for the night cream.

They have a positive attitude

The third and final factor that correlated with the ageless women is a little more abstract. The research found that participants who strongly agree with the statement “I have a positive attitude toward myself” were 30% more likely to be ageless women.

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