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5 beauty mistakes we all make in the summer

It’s no secret that our summer beauty routine massively differs from our winter one. But before you crack open the mid-afternoon Pimms and enjoy a well-earned BBQ, ask yourself, have you amended your beauty routine to protect you against the sun’s harmful UV rays? Do you apply sun protection to the back of your ears? I thought not. We’ve rounded up 5 beauty mistakes we all make come summertime and show you how to fix them.

Not applying sunscreen with moisturiser

Who is guilty of this beauty mistake? I know I am. We’re lucky enough to have moisturisers with in-built SPF but still we reach for the stead moisturiser we’ve been using all year. Why not kill two birds with one stone and use a moisturiser with in-built SPF.

Editor’s Pick: Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF 30

Leaving your ears completely unprotected

Do you remember the last time to applying sunscreen to your ears? Me neither. A prime zone for UV damage the ears are often left completely unprotected. Keep this La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Spray SPF 30 in your handbag and spray all over your face and ears every two hours during exposure to the sun.

Dry legs

Sand, sun and shaving all take their toll on your pins during the summer months, leaving them rough, dried out and resembling that of reptile skin. For dewy, super soft skin you should moisturise both day and night and sleep in full length pyjamas. It might sound strange but the fabric helps to lock moisture in – keeping you super smooth all summer long.

Dried-out hair

Humidity, sunlight and dipping in and out of the pool all takes its toll on your silky locks. Restore your hair after a long day in the sun with a moisture rich mask, feeding it back to health and restructuring the hair cuticles back to their former health.

Editor’s pick: Phyto Phytoplage After Sun Recovery Mask

Forgetting to switch to waterproof

Summer makeup doesn’t have to mean panda eyes as soon as you step into the pool. Don’t forget to switch your mascara to the waterproof kind to keep your lashes intact all summer long.

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