It’s so cold outside at the moment our hands are really suffering from the exposure to the elements. So we have tried a few different hand creams that have recently landed on our desks and in the office today we love… Pai’s Fragonia and Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream! It is nothing short of excellent! The cream contains ingredients which will soothe and regenerate dry skin; it absorbs extremely quickly and doesn’t leave hands greasy, so you can get on with your work without having to hover your hands above the computer keyboard until it sinks in.


The cream certainly provides you with ‘hand therapy’ as after application it quickly soothes irritation and you won’t get that burning feeling on sore areas like some creams can give you. The Fragonia is derived from a shrub called Agonis Fragrans and clinical studies have shown the oil to have excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Sea buckthorn is an up and coming new ingredient which we predict will be massive in 2012. It is rich in anti-oxidants, carotenoids (Pro-Vitamin A) and a rare form of palmitoleic acid (also known as Omega 7). Sea buckthorn is very effective at nourishing the skin, promoting elasticity and softness  so your hands feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom after using the cream.

It is a yellowy colour when it comes out of the tube but don’t be put off because it turns clear when you rub it into your hands. The Fragonia and Sea Buckthorn leave your hands with a lovely, light, summery fragrance and it is suitable for all skin types especially if you have dry, chapped or sensitive skin. So don’t miss out because it’s one of the best sellers in the UK at the moment!


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