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We may well be three months into the year (time flies, right?!) but it’s never too late to make a change and kick-start a healthy lifestyle. Whether you make small, gradual alterations or commit to a complete lifestyle revamp, BeautyExpert is here to help and support you with a range of health supplements and vitamins.

Whether you want to focus on managing your weight, you want to improve the condition of your skin or you simply just want to feel better in your body, BeautyExpert stocks a range of health supplements that can help you on your way to achieving your goals. Plus, you can always enlist the help of our friends at Myprotein to get the healthy lifestyle ball rolling – over there you’ll find a huge range of health supplements and vitamins that are designed to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out our list of 5 health supplements for a balanced lifestyle, and make the change today!

1. Forza


Weight management supplements from Forza are a great complement to a healthy lifestyle. Their capsules support weight loss and diet goals with a blend of natural ingredients; the Garcinia Cambogia capsules, for example, contain calcium and potassium to encourage absorption, whilst the Raspberry K2 capsules contain antioxidants and caffeine to improve exercise performance and reduce signs of aging. Plus, you can even pick up their Multivitamins to make sure that you’re getting a good dose of the right nutrients all the while!

2. Fountain


Foundation produces an effective (and tasty!) range of liquid health supplements to help you achieve all sorts of different healthy lifestyle goals. Take the Super Green Molecule, for example – this kiwi flavoured drink supplement contains alfalfa chlorophyll to boost oxygen levels and red blood cells to aid detoxification and cellular repair. Or, why not try out the ginger flavoured Hyaluronic Molecule to encourage smooth skin and supple joints? You can even reduce stress levels with the Happy Molecule – check out the full range and pick the right liquid supplements for you!

3. Imedeen


Ideal for solving skin care concerns, Imedeen tablets are a great way to support a balanced lifestyle. The Derma One tablets will help to target the first signs of aging and improve moisture retention with a blend of zinc, vitamin C, and the protein-rich Imedeen Marine Complex, whilst the Prime Renewal tablets will help to manage hormonal aging and improve suppleness of mature skin with a mix of ingredients like white tea and grapeseed extract. Make sure to try out the Hair and Nail tablets too for the full package!

4. Gold Collagen

Gold Collagen

Another range of liquid health supplements to support healthy living, Gold Collagen drinks all contain a huge blend of effective ingredients to produce noticeable results. Try out the Pure programme if you want to achieve firmer and healthier skin thanks to ingredients like hydrolised collagen and borage oil. The Active programme on the other hand contains ingredients like glucosamine and protein to improve muscle function and joint movement, whilst the Gold Collagen Forte will help to prevent signs of aging by smoothening wrinkles and banishing fine lines. You won’t believe the difference in the mirror!

5. Myprotein


Although Myprotein produces a range of sports nutrition supplies and protein formulas, they also do a great selection of health supplements that are suitable for all sorts of lifestyles. Try out the Daily Vitamins, a great way to make sure you get all RDA’s with 7 essential vitamins, or if you’re studying at uni or putting in the hours at work make sure you’re getting a good dose of Omega 3 capsules.  Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that has been scientifically proven to not only lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, but also promote weight loss, memory and brain function. Heads up, Myprotein even do a chewable omega 3 capsule in orange flavour for those of us who struggle with tablet form! What’s more, getting your greens couldn’t be easier with the Total Nuti-Greens, a powdered blend of 22 different fruit and vegetable extracts for those who want to up their intake without the added effort and costs. Check out the range today and get inspired to kick-start your healthy lifestyle!

Remember, your body is a temple, so if you’re looking to live a more balanced life then be sure to stay sensible and stay healthy with your choices – the health supplements and vitamins that you can find at BeautyExpert and Myprotein are to be used as a part of a healthy lifestyle rather than as replacements.

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